Adelard Dekker is a recurring character who has been known to provide occasional assistance to Gertrude Robinson.

History Edit

Dekker is first mentioned in supplemental to MAG 77, where Gertrude Robinson references his description of NotThem in statement, #9910607 (contents of the statement unknown).

He first appears in MAG 78, where sometime before June 2001 he binds NotThem to the web table.

In 2006, he sends a letter to Gertrude featured in MAG 134 about his theory that a new Entity is emerging, which he dubs The Extinction. He recounts events experienced and shared with him by someone he interviewed, which he considers to be a manifestation of the Extinction.

Around 2012, he helped Gertrude store a large amount of explosives, and in the note also provided a written statement which is featured in MAG 113. He was looking into a possible manifestation of The Extinction. but instead discovers it to be an avatar of The End instead who kills people via dreams, and disables him via brain damage.

Appearance Edit

Dekker is described by Lawrence Moore as an old, thin, black man shorter than himself. He has short, gray hair and an imposing presence.

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