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Albrecht von Closen is an ancestor of Mary Keay and friend of Jonah Magnus who lived during the 18th and 19th century.


In 1816 Albrecht sends a letter to Jonah Magnus detailing the discovery of the tomb of Johann von Württemberg.

When Albrecht's brother Henrik died, his son Wilhelm inherited an estate in Schwarzwald, near the town of Schramberg. Albrecht and his wife Clara, having no children of their own, grew fond of the boy as they took it upon themselves to help guide him along the path of virtue. When they received word in the winter of 1815 that Wilhelm had fallen ill, they travelled to the estate to assist in his recovery.

As Wilhelm recovered, Albrecht took to walking the woods. During one such walk, he discovered an isolated graveyard with Johann von Württemberg’s tomb in the middle. He claimed the tomb was full of books that were unfortunately unsalvageable due to damage from moisture and mould. On the floor was a single book that had escaped in readable condition and a coin emblazoned with “JW" and "1279" on one side and "Für die Stille" on the other.

In 1831, Albrecht has been beset by a mysterious illness and Jonah Magnus urges Dr Jonathan Fanshawe to visit him. A letter from Dr Fanshawe to Magnus suggests Albrecht lied in his earlier account. Albrecht tells Fanshawe how the books were in fact salvaged from the tomb and brought to his library. They detailed numerous esoteric stories of the supernatural. Albrecht sent the books to be rebound in 1830 and Jonah Magnus conspired with his bookbinder to steal them, returning only blank volumes to Albrecht.

Albrecht died from unknown causes, related to the books taken from the tomb of Johann von Württemberg. His autopsy revealed his internal organs, bones and inner skin to be covered with eyes.

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