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Alice "Daisy" Tonner is a detective that has signed a Section 31 form, meaning that she is called upon to deal with supernatural cases.


Daisy joins the police force in 2000 and is sectioned in 2002 after her encounter with Breekon and Hope on July 24th of that year.

Season Two Edit

She is first mentioned in MAG 43, where Basira mentions that she had been sectioned for spider husks. When a gunshot victim tries to force a gun to his own head, she wrestles it away.

Daisy appears again in MAG 61 where she gives her own statement, describing how her first section 31 occurred when she and her partner, Isaac Masters, stopped a Breekon & Hope delivery van that was driving very slowly in the rain on the M6 near Preston. Masters opened The Coffin being transported and disappeared down the staircase inside. Tonner was injured and made to sign a Section 31.

Season Three Edit

Daisy interrogates Tim, Martin, and Elias in MAG 82 in order to find where John was hiding. During these interviews, she threatens to do whatever she must to find John. During her interview with Elias, he extracts a statement from her mind and gives it for her while she protests. The statement reveals how she got her nickname "Daisy": her best friend, Calvin Benchly, attacked her and left her with a starburst-shaped scar on her back. The doctor at the hospital said the scar looked like a daisy, so she kept the nickname. Elias further reveals that Daisy later killed Calvin and disposed of the body at her dumpsite, due to his increasing violence and knack for escaping law enforcement.

In MAG 88, Basira appears at the beginning of the episode looking for Daisy. When she hears that Daisy claimed to have "full operational discretion" she becomes distressed and says that she needs to find either John or Daisy quickly.

Daisy finally tracks John down in MAG 91, and knocks out and kills Michael Crew. She is only prevented from doing the same to John by the arrival of Basira. She convinces Alice to try to get John to use his compulsion ability to extract a confession from Elias for the murder of Jurgen Leitner and Gertrude Robinson.

The three confront Elias in MAG 92. He asks Martin to fetch Tim and Melanie, and once everyone is assembled, he confirms that he did kill both victims. Daisy aims her gun at Elias, but he has already called the police to his office. When Basira is confused, he announces to the room that the reason Daisy has been missing is that he made the police department aware of all of Daisy's crimes, even fabricating some evidence to prove a few. He reminds Alice that the other Section 31 officers will hunt her down like a rabid dog if she's caught, and that they'll also kill anyone associated with her, namely Basira. Elias forces Basira to sign a contract of employment for the Institute, making her his hostage. Elias tells Daisy that if she kills him, Basira, the only person she still cares about, will die screaming in agony.

After MAG 92, Daisy begins working for Elias. She hunts down agents of the Stranger and acts as John's escort and bodyguard, to prevent a repeat of his kidnapping by Nikola Orsinov. During MAG 96, she helps capture and interrogate Sarah Baldwin. Although she pines for Basira and misses having her as a partner, she says she is happy enough to be killing monsters regularly.[1]

Daisy becomes a key part of the plan to stop the Unknowing, due to her knowledge of how to set the plastic explosives that will be used to disrupt the ritual, as well as general competence at violence. During MAG 119, she comes face to face with Breekon & Hope, who tease her by saying they're Basira. Daisy angrily says "No, you're not, because nothing is anything" and threatens to kill them. They taunt her about being unable to remember how to use her gun in the chaos of the Unknowing, and she gives in to the Hunt and goes berserk. She tears Hope apart with her bare hands while growling and laughing. Breekon uses the coffin they carry with them, opening it and repeating what happened to her old partner in MAG 61: Hard Shoulder, where he felt compelled to enter the coffin. Daisy enters the coffin and vanishes, her laugh cutting off from the recording as the lid thumps down.

In MAG 120, Elias confirms that Daisy did not make it back from the Unknowing. However, this episode also implies she is not yet dead, as her statement taken in MAG 61 is included among those John visits in his dreams, and those statement givers who are dead are not included in said dreams. Elias's narration notes she is absent from the dream, though, and that it feels empty.

Season Four Edit

One half of the being calling itself Breekon & Hope returns the coffin to The Magnus Institute in MAG 128. In the statement John extracts from the creature, it's revealed that Daisy is still alive but cannot move, hunt, or be taken out of the coffin.

John goes into the coffin to rescue Daisy in MAG 132. He eventually finds her, and the two catch up while being squeezed by The Buried. Daisy gives a statement and says she feels more like herself now that she's cut off from The Hunt. She doesn't want to go back to being a violent predator out there, nor does she want to limp around like wounded prey, but she's most afraid she won't get the chance to choose. John assures her that there are always choices. Eventually, John is able to feel his anchor, and he guides Daisy out of the coffin, where Daisy greets Basira with a quiet, "Hi." Basira responds, "Oh my God."

After coming out of the Buried, Daisy chooses to no longer allow the Hunt to take control of her. She is afraid to be alone, and is either with Basira, Melanie or John at all times. She becomes friends with John, to a degree, sometimes making jokes with him. However, she is weakened from not feeding.

When Trevor and Julia attack the Archives, she finally allows the Hunt to overtake her so she can stop them, after she makes Basira promise to kill her.

About a week after the attack on the Institute she manages to corner Julia in an old subway access and kills her by tearing out her throat. Trevor finds the body three hours later and starts tracking Daisy.

Season 5 Edit

John uses his power to see that Daisy is feral and animalistic, not chained to any domain as she Hunts for prey while pursued by Basira.

In MAG 179, Basira, along with John and Martin, catch up to her while she is busy with her latest prey. She attacks and injures John but recognises Basira, who is able to talk her down. Daisy asks her to join her in The Hunt but Basira shoots and kills her, fulfilling her promise.

Recurring Nightmare Edit

Since MAG 61, Daisy and John have shared a nightmare about the singing coffin. However, the nightmare has become empty since Daisy disappeared into the coffin in MAG 119:

The rain is still there, though it is empty. The long and desolate road, slick with the downpour. A police car's lights flashing over the unmoving van. The doors are open, and the two familiar statues stand on either side of the well-worn wooden box. He looks around, his eyes scanning this forever road and the skies of iron grey, looking for her, but she is not there.

The Archivist expects—he hopes—to find the violence in her looking back at him. Hungry for pursuit and murder. But the emptiness of the place is complete. The only sound is the gentle singing of the box and the pounding, bitter rain.

He knows the writing on the coffin has changed, though it is still carved deep into the splintered wood: 'I AM FOR YOU.' He knows it is not addressed to him, but he reaches down and pulls the chains off all the same. It opens, and he walks slowly down the steps, into the earth. But even as it closes above him, the great shadow still sees him. There is nowhere in this universe that it would not blot out the sky.

Daisy later reveals that she was going to kill John once she figured out he was watching her.[2] She made this discovery due to him wearing a poorly fitting/out-of-character shirt in her dream, and he was later wearing the same shirt when she went to pick him up from the airport.[1]

Episode Appearances Edit

Bold marks episodes where Daisy has given a statement.


Trivia Edit

  • Daisy's D&D class would be a former assassin rogue, multi-classed into a barbarian who refuses to rage.[3]
  • Daisy is a huge fan of The Archers, and never misses an episode.[4]
  • Daisy goes out for drinks in MAG 136 but in MAG 150, John claims that she has only been drunk once, in 2006.

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