Annabelle Cane is an avatar of the Web who influences events from afar.


Annabelle is described as being thin with dark brown skin and short bleach-blonde hair. In MAG 69 she is described as dressing like “ a vintage clothing store exploded on her“. After the events of MAG 69, one side of her skull is caved in and on subsequent appearances, she has “a mass of white thread criss-crossing all over the side of her temple”.


Early HistoryEdit

Note: All information on Annabelle's youth comes from her own written statement and within this statement she raises the possibility that her story is simply a fabrication as part of some bigger manipulative scheme.

Annabelle was born in Hunstanton as one of the youngest of eight children. She quickly learned that she had to lie and manipulate in order to get what she wanted and learned much from her mother, who wielded guilt and anger with surgical precision.

Eventually, Annabelle ran away, thinking her absence would destabilise the entire family and allow her to claim her place as the most important child. She hid in an broken down chip shop and encountered a young woman seated at an old fashioned loom. Her arms and legs were covered in track marks, the threads of the loom were laced through her skin, and dozens of spiders ran up and down the threads and scurried through her skin.

The woman looked at Annabelle, and then looked up at the ceiling. Annabelle followed her gaze, and saw something that made her flee back home immediately. The most she will say about it is that when a spider reaches a certain size, “it is often not entirely made up of spider anymore."

Arachnophobia StudyEdit

This incident is supposedly what caused Annabelle to have such a terrible fear of spiders that she would eventually end up volunteering for the arachnophobia study at Surrey University, sometime before November 2010. She was the the psychic "receiver" for other people's fear, stimulated by watching videos of spiders. She began to have dreams about spiders crawling on her, and by the end of the experiment she seemed to be transforming into a spider or something similar.

She had become very tall and apparently gain the ability to control other people's bodies or minds, because she had gotten the psychic "projectors" to smash a hole in the one-way mirror with their heads, and she was able to make Darren Harlow's hand strangle him. Graduate student Mark Voight cracked her head open on the wall, and inside it was empty except for spiderwebs.

Episode Appearances Edit

Annabelle Cane has appeared in the following episodes. Bold marks episodes where she has given a statement.

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