Basira Hussain is a police officer who has signed a Section 31 form (MAG 43), which means that she's investigated spooky cases in the past, and will be called upon when other cases turn weird.


This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot.

She is in charge of the case of Gertrude Robinson's murder, but does not get much assistance from the rest of the police force, lest they be branded with Section 31 as well. As part of this, she has been providing Jonathan Sims with some of the tapes recovered from the room where Gertrude's body was found.

Tim believes that Basira and Jonathan are in a relationship, a lie that they agree to uphold to explain away her infrequent visits (MAG 52). Basira's partner Daisy later explained that Sims was under investigation for Gertrude's death, and that the tapes were initially being delivered in order to explain away Basira's investigation. CCTV later exonerated Sims, and according to Daisy, Basira was still delivering tapes out of sympathy (MAG 61).

Sims later goes to visit Basira to ask for more tape, where she tells him that she is now under scrutiny for assisting him and that they both suck at spy-craft (MAG 64).

She later phones Sims asking him for advice before they move in to assault a compound where Maxwell Raynor is located (MAG 72). Following the raid, she gives a statement to Sims about the raid, where Raynor and some other cult members were killed. The events badly shook Basira, and she said she would be resigning from the police force, and advising Sims to leave his job as well (MAG 73).

Following Sims leaving the archive and being under suspicion for murder, Basira shows up to interrogate Martin as to his whereabouts. She admits that she liked Jonathan as a friend, but isn't as convinced that he couldn't be a murderer. When she hears that Daisy was using full "operational discretion" to hunt down Sims, she quickly leaves telling Martin to contact her if he learns about Sims's whereabouts (MAG 88).

Basira waits for Daisy at the place where Daisy "kills monsters", and rescues Sims before Daisy can execute him (MAG 91). She is present at the confrontation with Elias Bouchard where she signs an employment contract with the Magnus Institute in order to prevent Daisy from going to jail for murder (MAG 92)


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