This page lists all the bonus content for the Magnus Archives offered by the Rusty Quill Patreon.

Note: these links are merely for ease of navigation. You will need to be a patron of the listed level to actually access the content.

Rusty Knight -  $5 levelEdit

Q&A EpisodesEdit

Rusty BitsEdit

Bite-sized footage from behind-the-scenes at Rusty Quill.  A mix of The Magnus Archives and other shows.

Fluff Competition Edit

Rusty Noble - $10 levelEdit

Martin’s poetryEdit

A selection of Martin’s poems written by Anil Godigamuwe, edited by Jonathan Sims, and performed by Alex Newall.

Deluxe TranscriptsEdit

In-universe transcripts, with handwritten notes by the Archivist and the occasional supplemental material.


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