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You may be looking for MAG 70: Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead is the name given to an untitled book with paranormal properties that predicts the owner's death (not to be confused with Mary Keay's Catalogue of the Trapped Dead). It has no known author. Instead of a title, there is a quote on the cover:

Life is a current which cannot be fought. It is a march with one destination. You cannot cease your step, nor move your course, to one that skirts the journey's termination.

Below this, a hand-written note says: You have already read too much.

The first few pages were written in hand-written Latin but started to change into some more recognisable Middle English until eventually, it changed to current-day English.


This book predicts and catalogues the future death of the reader in gruesome detail. Cause of death appears to change and date of death draws closer every time it is re-read.

Known Owners[]

  • Philip Doer (MAG 70)
  • Masato Murray