Breekon & Hope is a delivery company that appears to deal with the esoteric or arcane. It appears to be based in Nottingham and went into liquidation in 2009 (MAG 2).  

Breekon & Hope was founded by Alfred Breekon, with “& Hope” being a figure of speech rather than referring to a name. Since 1993, the company has been administrated and staffed by what appear to be two rubbery-skinned deliverymen who speak in exaggerated cockney accents. These men are in fact humanlike mimics affiliated with the domain of The Stranger and were once members of the Circus of the Other. During the 1990s, they continued to take orders from the Circus’s ringmaster, Gregor Orsinov (MAG 96). More recently, they have been working for Nikola Orsinov and helping with her preparations for The Unknowing. They also have some connection to the coffin first seen in MAG 2, and it has to remain near them (MAG 101). 


1993: Breekon and Hope is usurped by the cockney deliverymen (MAG 96).

1994: Breekon & Hope move furniture out of a house contaminated by purple mold, not far from one of their depots in Newcastle (MAG 93).

1993-1996: Alfred Breekon slowly loses control of his company, his other employees begin mysteriously disappearing, and the accounting books for the company start filling themselves in on their own (MAG 96).

Prior to May 1996: Alfred Breekon receives a mysterious box with supernatural contents (MAG 96).

Sometime between 1996 and 2013: Alfred Breekon dies after being eaten from the inside (MAG 96).

1996: “Breekon” and “Hope” deliver the coffin to Joshua Gellespie (MAG 2).

1998: The same men pick up the coffin from Joshua Gellespie’s apartment (MAG 2).

c.2001 or before: They pick up and take the Web Table after Adelard Dekker traps the NotThem inside it (MAG 78).

July 24 2002: Breekon & Hope, along with a man named Tom, are pulled over on the M6 near Preston by police officers Alice "Daisy" Tonner and Isaac Masters. They are revealed to be carrying the same coffin in their truck, which Isaac walks into (MAG 61).

August 2004: They remove the calliope organ from Leanne Denikin's house (MAG 24).

November 2006: They deliver a pale yellow stole to the Oratory in Oxford (MAG 20).

2009: The company goes into liquidation (MAG 2).

c.2013 or before: They make a delivery to the Trophy Room taxidermy shop (MAG 54).

2013: Breekon & Hope Shipping is completely shut down (MAG 96).

October 2013: A white delivery van that Jon presumes to be Breekon & Hope's is seen parked outside a department store where a ringmistress mannequin had been (MAG 83).

July 2016: They deliver the Web Table and a lighter with a spiderweb design on it to Jonathan Sims at the The Magnus Institute. (MAG 35)

c.May 2017: They kidnap Jon at the request of Nikola (MAG 99) and take him to her at the House of Wax (MAG 101).

August 7, 2017: They participate in The Unknowing alongside other aspects of The Stranger. Hope is killed by Daisy, in response to which Breekon forces her into the coffin (MAG 119).

March 3, 2018: Breekon (Hope-less) delivers the coffin to Jonathan Sims at the Magnus Institute, who then extracts his statement regarding Breekon & Hope's existence. (MAG 128).

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Episode Appearances
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