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Breekon & Hope Deliveries is a shipping company that often appears in connection with esoteric and paranormal occurrences. It was founded by Alfred Breekon and taken over in 1993 by two agents of The Stranger who began calling themselves "Breekon" and "Hope". Alfred Breekon was killed three years later after receiving a strange box, which he presumably opened in 1996 after giving his statement to the Magnus Institute[1]. The company continued to operate under the management of "Breekon" and "Hope" until it officially shut down in 2013.


Sometime before 1993, Breekon & Hope was founded by Alfred Breekon. Breekon had intended to name his company "Breekon & Sons", but named it "Breekon & Hope" as a joke about his lack of children. This was regularly misinterpreted by clients who assumed that Breekon had a partner named Hope. Breekon & Hope was a successful company and had a shipping range of over 1100 kilometers.[2]

In 1993, Breekon was visited by two strange men who began calling themselves "Breekon" and "Hope" after speaking with him. He gave them the keys to a white Citroën C15, the oldest of the company's delivery vans.[3] The men began making strange deliveries which Breekon would have to answer for.

After the two men became affiliated with Breekon & Hope, Breekon would find his own handwriting on shipping logs and manifests regarding deliveries he could not remember happening. By May 1996, several delivery drivers had disappeared, and Breekon had received a package marked "return to sender" that he did not remember sending. Some time later he was found dead of unknown causes, seemingly eaten from the inside out.

After Breekon's death, Breekon & Hope was managed by "Breekon" and "Hope". The company became increasingly affiliated with the Stranger but continued to ship items related to other entities, including the web table Adelard Dekker had delivered to an entity that claimed to be Carl Moore[4]. Although the individuals "Breekon" and "Hope" continued to make deliveries, the company Breekon & Hope ceased operations after it entered liquidation in 2009 and officially shut down in 2013.[5]

Known Deliveries[]

  • 1995: The contents of a house contaminated with mould are moved to a depot.[6]
  • 1996: A strange cardboard box with contents that sound like shifting sand is apparently sent by Alfred Breekon. Its item description is "goodbye".
  • 1996: An unvarnished coffin is delivered to Joshua Gillespie.[5]
  • 1998: An unvarnished coffin is picked up from Joshua Gillespie.
  • 2002: The delivery of an unvarnished coffin is briefly interrupted when the van it is being transported in is stopped by police.[3]
  • 2009: A pale yellow stole is delivered to The Oratory on Woodstock Road.[7]


  • In MAG 61, a "normal-looking" man named Tom was identified as a delivery driver for Breekon & Hope. This is likely the same Tom as Not-Sasha's boyfriend.