Breekon and Hope are a pair of beings who appear as human men and are frequently seen delivering arcane or esoteric objects for the delivery company, Breekon & Hope, from which they got their names. They speak with exaggerated Cockney accents and are often seen wearing featureless uniforms.  

They were once members of the Circus of the Other, though their history stretches back further than that to at least the 1800s, possibly earlier. During the 1990s, they took orders from the Circus’s ringmaster, Gregor Orsinov (MAG 96). Later they worked for Nikola Orsinov, helping with her preparations for The Unknowing. During the ritual, the being calling himself Hope was killed by Daisy Tonner, and Breekon fed her to the coffin in retaliation (MAG 119). Breekon later delivered the coffin to the Magnus Institute, looking for revenge. He was then expelled from the Institute after having a statement extracted from him by Jonathan Sims. (MAG 128)  


Breekon and Hope are well over six feet tall and very imposing.[1] Their faces are hard, "like a pair of old stone statues" and striking one of them feels like hitting solid wood while their flesh feels like hard rubber.[2] Alfred Breekon describes them as seeming solid, "Somehow heavier than the world around them".[3]

History Edit

Unknown: Breekon and Hope collect the bodies of plague victims, serving as harbingers of doom for every town they visit. Breekon claims, though, that this had no connection to The Corruption. (MAG 128)

circa 1853[4]: Breekon and Hope serve aboard the Robert Small, a British prison ship taking prisoners from Millbank Prison to Australia. The two of them ate the pen and tongue of a quartermaster who realized they weren't human, and later killed a man named Jack who tried to escape by jumping overboard. (MAG 128)

Unknown: Breekon and Hope serve as conductors aboard a steam train, though Breekon reports that they didn't like it as well as the prison ship because everyone was too "hopeful." They lure a woman on the train to the luggage car where she is killed by a manifestation of The Web. (MAG 128)

some time after 1885:[5] Breekon and Hope obtain their first car by killing the previous owners and use it to make deliveries for Sotheby's auction houses.

some time after 1918:[6] Breekon and Hope deliver an army knife from WWI to a banker who then proceeds to attempt to stab the two of them to death before turning the knife on himself.

circa 1948: Breekon and Hope work at the Circus of the Other as movers and strongmen (MAG 128). A photograph taken in 1948 of the circus shows two strongmen who may have been them (MAG 24).

Unknown:[7] Breekon and Hope leave the circus after Nikola Orsinov loses the ancient gorilla skin. They start driving a lorry around England, kidnapping people and trapping them in boxes until they die. (MAG 128)

1993: Breekon and Hope take over Alfred Breekon's delivery company, Breekon & Hope, and start going by the names Breekon and Hope (MAG 96).

1994: Breekon and Hope move furniture out of a house contaminated by purple mould, not far from one of the delivery company's depots in Newcastle (MAG 93).

1996: Breekon and Hope give Alfred Breekon a mysterious package that, presumably, kills him (MAG 128). Some time during this same year, they deliver the coffin to Joshua Gillespie (MAG 2).

1998: Breekon and Hope pick up the coffin from Joshua Gillespie's apartment. It eats its current owner and, without a new delivery address, they are forced to carry it in perpetuity, unable to complete the delivery. (MAG 2) (MAG 128).

circa 2001: Breekon and Hope pick up and take the Web Table after Adelard Dekker traps the NotThem inside it (MAG 78).

July 24, 2002: Breekon and Hope, along with a man named Tom, are pulled over on the M6 near Preston by police officers Alice "Daisy" Tonner and Isaac Masters. They are revealed to be carrying the same coffin in their truck, which Isaac walks into (MAG 61).

August, 2004: Breekon and Hope remove the calliope organ from Leanne Denikin's house (MAG 24).

November, 2006: Breekon and Hope deliver a pale yellow stole to the Oratory in Oxford (MAG 20).

circa 2013: Breekon and Hope make a delivery to the Trophy Room taxidermy shop (MAG 54).

October, 2013: A white delivery van that John presumes to be Breekon and Hope's is seen parked outside a department store where a ringmistress mannequin has committed murder (MAG 83).

July, 2016: Breekon and Hope deliver the Web Table and a lighter with a spiderweb design on it to Jonathan Sims at the The Magnus Institute. (MAG 35)

circa May, 2017: They kidnap John at the request of Nikola (MAG 99) and take him to her at the House of Wax (MAG 101).

August 7, 2017: They participate in The Unknowing alongside other aspects of The Stranger. Hope is killed by Daisy and Breekon forces her into the coffin as revenge (MAG 119).

March 3, 2018: Breekon (Hope-less) delivers the coffin to Jonathan Sims at the Magnus Institute. Breekon flees as John extracts a statement regarding Breekon & Hope's existence. (MAG 128).

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Bold marks episodes where Breekon has given a statement.

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References Edit

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