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This is a list of characters who are fictionalised versions of actual historical figures, or historical figures otherwise mentioned in the podcast. Bold indicates that the character is the statement-giver in that episode.

Name Lifetime Description Episodes
Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst 1717–1797 British Army officer, advocate of biological warfare MAG 68
Jeremy Bentham 1748–1832 Philosopher, jurist, and social reformer, regarded as the founder of modern utilitarianism; inventor of the panopticon MAG 41
Lizzie Borden 1860–1927 Axe murder suspect MAG 112
Tycho Brahe 1546–1601 Astronomer MAG 140
Alexander Cunningham 1814–1893 British Army engineer and archaeologist MAG 138
George Denman 1819–1896 Barrister, High Court judge, and Liberal politician MAG 98
Harry G. Eisenhard Photographer, witnessed the "Black Sunday" dust storm along with Robert E. Geiger MAG 99
Jack Fawcett 1903–during or after 1925 Son of Percy Fawcett; went missing along with his father while searching for the Lost City of Z in Brazil MAG 133
Percy Fawcett 1867–during or after 1925 Geographer, cartographer, archaeologist, and explorer; went missing while searching for the Lost City of Z in Brazil MAG 133
John Flamsteed 1646–1719 Astronomer, first Astronomer Royal in Britain

MAG 108
MAG 140

John Franklin 1786–1847 British Royal Navy officer and Arctic explorer, captain of HMS Terror

MAG 98
MAG 133

Robert E. Geiger Associated Press reporter, witnessed and wrote about the "Black Sunday" dust storm MAG 99
Joseph Grimaldi 1778–1837 Actor, comedian, and dancer, famed for his role of Joey the Clown MAG 104
William Hutcheon Hall 1797–1878 British Royal Navy officer, captain of the Nemesis MAG 105
Edmond Halley 1656–1742 Astronomer, second Astronomer Royal in Britain

MAG 108
MAG 140

E. T. A. Hoffmann 1776–1822 Author of "Der Sandmann" MAG 98
Abraham Janssen 1720–1795 Chess player MAG 116
Wolfgang von Kempelen 1734–1804 Author and inventor, creator of the Mechanical Turk MAG 116
Marianne Kempthorne 1812–1884 Wife of Sampson Kempthorne MAG 50
Sampson Kempthorne 1809–1873 Architect MAG 50
Ottilie "Tillie" Klimek 1876–1936 Serial killer MAG 112
Rev. John Heyrick Macaulay 1799–1840 Headmaster of Repton School (1830–1840) MAG 98
Empress Maria Theresa 1717–1780 Ruler of the Habsburg dominions (1740–1780) MAG 116
William Hughes Mearns 1875–1965 Poet MAG 85
Joseph Merrick 1862–1890 Known as the Elephant Man, friend of Sir Frederick Treves MAG 68
William Miller 1782–1849 Baptist preacher, leader of the Millerite movement MAG 134
William Bonython Moffatt 1812–1887 Architect MAG 50
Sir Isaac Newton 1642/43–1726/27, depending on calendar system Mathematician, physicist, astronomer, theologian, and author MAG 140
Wilfred Owen 1893–1918 Poet and soldier MAG 7
François-André Danican Philidor 1726–1795 Composer and chess player MAG 116
Nicolaus Reimers 1551–1600 Astronomer and mathematician, rival of Tycho Brahe MAG 140
Raleigh Rimell c. 1902–during or after 1925 Best friend of Jack Fawcett, went missing along with Percy and Jack Fawcett while searching for the Lost City of Z in Brazil MAG 133
Henry Roberts 1803–1876 Architect, trained under Robert Smirke MAG 50
John Ruskin 1819–1900 Art critic, author of The Seven Lamps of Architecture MAG 80
George Gilbert Scott 1811–1878 Architect

MAG 50
MAG 138
MAG 160

Abraham Sharp 1653–1742 Mathematician and astronomer MAG 140
Laura Smirke 1820–? Daughter of Sir Robert Smirke MAG 138
Sir Robert Smirke (Wikipedia) 1780–1867 Architect

MAG 26
MAG 35
MAG 41
MAG 50
MAG 63
MAG 80
MAG 104
MAG 111
MAG 138
MAG 160
MAG 183
MAG 197

John Snow 1813–1858 Physician, regarded as one of the founders of modern epidemiology MAG 45
Tintoretto 1518–1594 Mannerist painter MAG 151
Eduard von Toll 1858–1902 Geologist and Arctic explorer; went missing while searching for Sannikov Land MAG 133
Sir Frederick Treves, 1st Baronet 1853–1923 Surgeon, author of The Tale of a Field Hospital MAG 68
Ulrich I 1226–1265 Count of Württemberg MAG 23
Ulrich II c. 1254–1279 Count of Württemberg MAG 23