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A full list of content warnings is provided here for ease of reference. Warnings for individual episodes can also be found in the show notes and in the transcripts.

Season 1[]

1 Angler Fish Abduction, unsettling strangers, uncanny valley, alcohol, smoking, minor emetophobia.
2 Do Not Open Compulsion, coffins, money, altered mental states, frequent drug mentions, drug use, undead, sleep disorders.
3 Across the Street Unreality, gaslighting, stalking, being watched, imposters, someone being replaced and only you notice, smoking, paranoia-inducing, head injury, surveillance, identity theft, body horror, death of an LGBTQ character, obsessions (watching people).
4 Page Turner Money, lightning, electrocution, heights, vertigo, body horror (skin mutilation), human remains, animal bones, injury (twisted ankle, scars), book burning. Mentions of: food, a child murdering their mother.
5 Thrown Away Dolls, teeth, unsanitary, body horror, privacy invasion, mental instability, vomiting, mild car accident, mild alcohol mention, injury (twisted ankle).
6 Squirm Unreality, sexual content (non-explicit), insects (worms), gore (people exploding), body horror, scratching, worm infestations in human bodies, things under skin, physical violence, paranoia, fire, alcohol use, vomiting. Mentions of: Drug use (minor).
7 The Piper War, battle, injuries, blood, gun violence, knife violence, bomb violence, psychological trauma, injury (burns), flamethrowers.
8 Burned Out Unreality, death of a father, mental illness (schizophrenia), fire, unsanitary, food, injury (burns), head trauma, immolation, gore, graphic suicide, paranoia-inducing, spiders.
9 A Father's Love Child harm, child neglect, disappearance of parent, death of parent, religious violence, serial killer, gore, cults, being chased, darkness, heartbeat sound.
10 Vampire Killer Physical violence, child death, death of a sibling, immolation, heroin/alcohol abuse, gore, cancer, spousal abuse, child abuse, knife violence, blood, hemophobia, survivor's guilt, fire, distended stomach.
11 Dreamer Death, foreseeing death (not one’s own), unreality, mental instability, sleep disorders, body horror, suicide, heart disease, strokes, death of a father.
12 First Aid Unreality, immolation, burn injuries, scopophobia, medical setting, knife violence, brain tumour, murder.
13 Alone Rejection, emotional abuse, isolation, death of a loved one, car crashes, graveyard, getting lost.
14 Piecemeal Self-harm, body horror, gore, cannibalism, derogatory language towards addicts, finger trauma, descriptive murder, knife violence, tooth loss.
15 Lost John's Cave Claustrophobia, drowning, death of a sibling, unhealthy family dynamics, caves, survivor's guilt, darkness, getting lost, unintelligible spooky voice (post statement)
16 Arachnophobia Spiders, death, suffocation, being followed, paranoia-inducing, bugs going into people’s mouths.
17 The Boneturner's Tale Body horror, bone removal, harm to animals (pet rat), blood, rat mention, death.
18 The Man Upstairs Unsanitary (meat), decay, strangers, trypophobia, vomiting/emetophobia.
19 Confession I Religious violence, cannibalism, possession, hallucinations, loss of faith, seizures, head trauma.
20 Desecrated Host II Religious violence, cannibalism, possession, hallucinations, vomiting/emetophobia, loss of touch with reality.
21 Freefall Agoraphobia, acrophobia, falling, death of one's adult child, survivor's guilt, jumpscare [17m55s (post-statement section) (16m40 on Youtube, 17:24 on Spotify)]
22 Colony Being trapped, parasites, worms, mention of spiders, trypophobia, scratching, body horror, infestation of worms in a human body
23 Schwartzwald Claustrophobia, eye horror, graveyard, figures/shadows in a forest
24 Strange Music Physical violence, dolls, clowns, mild gore, unhealthy romantic relationships
25 Growing Dark Cults, darkness, people you know acting strangely, grabbing hands, cemeteries, religion, church
26 A Distortion Physical violence, worms, infestation in human bodies, body horror, trypophobia
27 A Sturdy Lock Home intrusion, paranoia-inducing, blood (from unknown/supernatural source), police, threats of elder abuse
28 Skintight Skinning, physical violence, people being uncanny, smoking
29 Cheating Death War + warlike injuries, gore, self-harm, existential horror
30 Killing Floor Animal death (cow, sheep, pig), referenced animal abuse, self-harm, physical violence, gore, surreal, people being slaughtered like animals, slaughterhouses
31 First Hunt Gun violence + hunting (for sport), talk of guns in an admirable light, being chased, animal harm/death, war
32 Hive Insects (ants, hornets), worms, spiders, mild gore, body horror, trypophobia, dermatillomania, altered mental state, mental instability, fatphobia
33 Boatswain's Call Isolation, thalassophobia, mentioned sexism
34 Anatomy Class Body horror, blood, gore, uncanny, teeth, mentioned suicide
35 Old Passages Claustrophobia, animal bones, jumpscare [23m 11s, 22m 16s on Spotify], worms (inc SFX)
36 Taken Ill Disease, physical violence, elder abuse, death + existentialism, insects (flies), dermatillomania, graphic descriptions of illness
37 Burnt Offering Immolation, spousal death, fear that your child may die, self-harm, animal death (wild animals), suicide
38 Lost and Found Death of LGBT character, spouse death, believing you are going insane, having others doubt your memory/fear of gaslighting, paranoia-inducing, loud screaming (loud shout of "RUN!" at the very end of the episode), jumpscares from 17m onwards
39 Infestation Parasites, gore, physical violence, body horror, trypophobia, uncanny, jumpscares [2m07s, 2m11s, 2m16s, 6m40s, 18m25s], loud screaming (pained shouting by Jon at the beginning of the episode, long frightened scream by Sasha near the end), alarm sounds, high-pitched audio interference
40 Human Remains Parasites, gore, physical violence, body horror, trypophobia, gun violence (referenced)

Season 2[]

41 Too Deep Claustrophobia, surreal, dead worms,  prison
42 Grifter's Bone Physical violence, gore, self-harm, suicide, altered mental state, injury (ear trauma), blood, scars, memory loss, murder
43 Section 31 Immolation, self-harm, attempted suicide, police. Mentions of: spiders. 
44 Tightrope Physical violence, body horror, ableism, unreality, discussion of heights/falling, clowns
45 Blood Bag Unsanitary, insects (mosquitos), illnesses, hemophobia, blood, death by bugs. Mentions of: syringes.
46 Literary Heights Lightning, death, acrophobia, suicide, high-pitched audio interference. Mentions of: spiders.
47 The New Door Surreal, abduction, self-harm, physical violence, unreality, loud shout at 15:00, high-pitched audio interference
48 Lost in the Crowd Agoraphobia, abduction, thalassophobia, isolation, people being unsettling
49 The Butcher’s Window Body horror, torture, bone removal, death and dying, frequent drug mentions, mentioned drug use from a major character, alcohol abuse
50 Foundations Surreal, claustrophobia, live burial
51 High Pressure Deep-sea exploration, suffocation, surreal, drowning, high-pitched audio interference, thalassophobia
52 Exceptional Risk Prison, serial killer mention, darkness, violence, death, suicide mention, law enforcement brutality (abuse of inmates by prison guards)
53 Crusader War (bombs, gun tanks, fellow soldiers dying) , body horror, corpses, eye horror
54 Still Life Unsanitary, dead animals, taxidermy, people being uncanny, inanimate objects moving
55 Pest Control Unsanitary, insects (ants, mention of wasps, bedbugs, and cockroaches), strangulation, self-immolation, trypophobia, fire, burning
56 Children of the Night Death, violence, drug use, poverty, spiders in human bodies, body horror, jumpscare [20m18s (post-statement section)], angry yelling, injection mention, amputation of toes, cancer
57 Personal Space Isolation, solitary confinement, space exploration, darkness, paranoia, starvation, suicide, existential crisis
58 Trail Rations Cannibalism, spousal death, knife violence, freezing to death, people being uncanny, undead/dead bodies coming to life
59 Recluse Past child abuse, spiders, mind control, cannibalism, death, fire
60 Observer Effect Paranoia, being watched, death of a sibling, alcohol mention, fear of going insane, cancer mention
61 Hard Shoulder Altered mental states, darkness, people being uncanny, police brutality
62 First Edition Murder, syringe violence, skinning, mind control, mention of suicide
63 The End of the Tunnel Darkness, decapitation, paranoia-inducing, being hunted by invisible creatures, invisible danger, shadows, claustrophobia
64 Burial Rites Body horror, undead, suicide attempt
65 Binary Transhumanism, self-harm, mutilation, body horror, eating non-food items, existential horror, cancer mention, mouth harm, technology acting unexpectedly
66 Held in Customs Claustrophobia, drug mention, darkness, being trapped, splinters
67 Burning Desire Fire, burn injury, mutilation. Mentions of: spiders.
68 The Tale of a Field Hospital Disease, war, open wounds, unsanitary, illness, undead, insects (flies), echoing audio
69 Thought for the Day Spiders, infestation in humans, vomiting, unethical medical experimentation, body horror, altered mental states, strangulation, self-harm, gore, ableism, physical violence. Mentions of: racism.
70 Book of the Dead Wounds, gore, physical violence, body horror, murder, immolation, death, paranoia-inducing, existential, premonitions of death
71 Underground Claustrophobia, body horror, entrapment
72 Takeaway Cannibalism, physical violence, mutilation, restraints, serial killer, racism/anti-Chinese racism, finger trauma. Mentions of: religious violence, infanticide.
73 Police Lights Gun violence, physical violence, wounds, murder, police, darkness, cults
74 Fatigue Surreal, teeth, slowly worsening mental state, sleep disorder, blood (nosebleed), mention of nausea 
75 A Long Way Down Acrophobia, injuries (broken arm), survivor's guilt, death of a sibling, unhealthy sibling relationships. Mentions of: drugs (cannabis).
76 The Smell of Blood Physical violence, gore, torture, imposters
77 The Kind Mother Imposters, emotional abuse from a parent, people being replaced and only you notice, paranoia, mentioned unhealthy romantic relationships/cheating
78 Distant Cousin Imposters, people being replaced and only you notice, paranoia, high-pitched audio interference, the sound of an axe hitting wood 
79 Hide and Seek Imposters, being chased, loud screaming, jumpscares [3m17s (3m49s on Spotify), 14m54s], high-pitched audio interference
80 The Librarian Physical violence, graphic murder, smoking (major character). Mentions of: insects (ants).

Season 3[]

81 A Guest For Mr. Spider Gore, physical violence, arachnophobia, compulsion, vague descriptions of past bullying, child death
82 The Eyewitnesses Physical violence, murder, gaslighting, blackmailing, threatened police brutality
83 Drawing A Blank Dolls, body horror (skin), physical violence, murder. Mentions of: drugs.
84 Possessive Unsanitary (trash), imposters, worms, hoarding. Mentions of: cancer.
85 Upon the Stair Parent death, unreality, depersonalization
86 Tucked In Body horror, gore, unsanitary (unknown substances), darkness (& fear thereof), paranoia-inducing
87 The Uncanny Valley Body horror, gore, unsanitary (sewage, meat), injuries (burns), dolls (moving mannequins)
88 Dig Altered mental states, suffocation/drowning, broken fingernails
89 Twice as Bright Immolation, injuries (burns), body horror, self-harm, loud screaming (23:50, 23:21 on youtube), drug use (recurring character)
90 Body Builder Body horror, body dysmorphia, bad self image, eating disorder (food restriction), animal death (sheep), sexism, steroid use
91 The Coming Storm Nausea, physical violence, choking, police brutality, lightning, electrocution, death, loud gunshot noise at 15:28 on Acast (15:27 on Spotify), smoking (major character), dissonant sounds
92 Nothing Beside Remains Manipulation, police brutality
93 Contaminant Parasites / mould, unsanitary, spousal death, compulsive cleaning, manipulation/compulsion
94 Dead Woman Walking Altered mental states, undead, death/existentialism
95 Absent Without Leave Death, body horror, gun violence, physical violence, war (discussion of WW2, fascism, Nazis), mention of cannibalism, suicide, animal death (rats)
96 Return to Sender Body horror, imposters, loud gunshot noise [17m12s on Youtube (17m39s on Spotify)]
97 We All Ignore the Pit Abduction, live burial, altered mental states, violence, mannequins
98 Lights Out Self-harm, blindness, ableism, emotional abuse from a parent, eye horror
99 Dust to Dust Suffocation, live burial, animal death (livestock, particularly cattle)
100 I Guess You Had To Be There Spiders, mental instability, isolation, audio distortion [22m17s on Youtube], fire, people on fire, panic attack
100.1 Deadlands Part 1 Gun violence, gambling, explosive violence
100.2 Deadlands Part 2 Murder, gun violence, skinning, possession, gun violence, blunt object violence, body horror
100.3 Lucid Altered reality, sleep disorders, body horror
100.4 Paint Cursed objects, hospital suspense, guilt
100.5 Assistants Round Table Gruesome horror prop discussion.
101 Another Twist Clowns, body horror (skinning, distortion), emotional manipulation, high-pitched interference, assisted suicide, loud scream (20:52 iTunes+spotify)
102 Nesting Instinct Attempted murder, depression, insects (beetles), infestation in humans, body horror, unsanitary, mind control, nail horror. Mentions of: cancer.
103 Cruelty Free Animal death (pig), animal cannibalism, language, unsanitary, mind control, autocannibalism
104 Sneak Preview Clowns, body horror (skinning), physical violence, death of a loved one
105 Total War Warfare, drowning, cannibalism, undead, drug use, mass suicide
106 A Matter Of Perspective Isolation, smoking, body horror (bleeding ears), deep space, discussion of death, onscreen psychological & emotional abuse/manipulation/torture
107 Third Degree Being followed, live burial, death, seizure disorder, burning alive, heart attack, kidnapping, gun violence[23m 20s], axe violence, police, traffic stop. Mentions of: cancer.
108 Monologue Masks, being followed, surreal, audio interference [16:05]
109 Nightfall Kidnapping, cancer, body horror, knife violence, strangulation, blood, sadism
110 Creature Feature Spiders, body horror, abuse in the workplace, death. Mentions of: transphobia (no misgendering).
111 Family Business Child abuse, cults, body horror (skinning), self-mutilation, spousal abuse, undead, smoking (major character, recurring character)
112 Thrill of the Chase Knife violence, direct violence, blood, body horror, sadism, death of LGBT character
113 Breathing Room Suffocation, death, discussion of death, blood, poisoning, undead, sharp object, eye injury, lobotomy, violence
114 Cracked Foundation Spiders, mental instability, swearing, body horror
115 Taking Stock Blood, cannibalism, self-harm, death
116 The Show Must Go On Blood, automatons (mannequins), eye horror, knife violence, general violence, body horror, mental instability, death and dying
117 Testament Gun violence, explosive violence, spiders, body horror, death and dying
118 The Masquerade Fire/burning, emotional manipulation/cruelty, non-consensual mind-reading, clowns, mannequins, body horror, gunshot, jumpscare [11:18], care of a sick parent
119 Stranger and Stranger Clowns, mannequins, emotional manipulation, audio distortion/interference, altered mental state, death, gore, injury (getting axed), smoking, explosion, changes in non-diegetic material (intro music), death of an LGBTQ character (suicide, main character)
120 Eye Contact Surreal, altered mental state (coma), police brutality

References episodes:

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Season 4[]

121 Far Away Mortality, undead, violent death (reported), tendrils, constriction, thalassophobia
122 Zombie Paranoia, psychological zombies, mild ableism, solipsism, mentioned animal death (pet fish), eye horror
123 Web Development Injury (surgery scars), arachnophobia, eye horror
124 Left Hanging Heights/falling (cable car rides), acrophobia, cancer, death, parent death
125 Civilian Casualties Body horror, blood, being chased, death, self-harm, mutilation, police, home surgery, injections, finger trauma, non-consentual drugging, screaming/yelling (22:53)
126 Sculptor’s Tool Uncanny, body horror, unreality, people you know being replaced
127 Remains to be Seen Death, alcohol use, food mention, corpses, autopsy, body horror + scopophobia
128 Heavy Goods Impaling, death of a loved one, human remains, alcoholism, self-harm, suicide, building fire, audio interference
129 Submerged Drowning, natural disaster (flood), isolation, grief, emotional trauma, human remains, thalassophobia, poverty
130 Meat Body horror, dismembered human remains, dismembered animal remains, emotional trauma, death and dying, sleep disorders, anti-Asian racism
131 Flesh Self-harm, body horror, dismemberment, emotional trauma, knife violence, removal of bones, sounds of pain, on-screen finger trauma (inc SFX)
132 Entombed Claustrophobia, emotional trauma, suffocation, crushing, dissociation, self-endangering behaviour, self-hatred
133 Dead Horse Body horror, gun violence, time distortion, spatial disorientation, emotional trauma, death and dying, racism
134 Time of Revelation Human extinction, death and corpses, environmental disaster, existentialism, Emotional manipulation
135 Dark Matter Darkness, kidnapping and imprisonment, cults, manipulation, claustrophobia
136 The Puppeteer Degenerative illness, puppets, manipulation, mental illness, body horror, smoking, suicide ideation
137 Nemesis War, torture experiences, extreme violence, POW (Prisoner of War) experiences
138 Architecture of Fear Paranoia, being watched, body horror, eye horror, death
139 Chosen Extreme violence, body horror, ritual acts and trauma, childbirth, burning alive, assisted suicide
140 The Movement of the Heavens Murder, darkness, ritual acts. Mentions of: drugs, cancer.
141 Doomed Voyage Coercion, explosions, lightning
142 Scrutiny Claustrophobia, coercion, stalking
143 Heart of Darkness Gunshots, human sacrifice, coercion, cults
144 Decrypted Conspiracy theories, unhealthy relationship between parent and child, poverty, environmental disaster
145 Infectious Doubts Elder abuse, supernatural torture, cults
146 Threshold Adverse mental health discussion, hallucinations, underage drinking. Mentions of: drugs.
147 Weaver Arachnophobia, trypophobia, discussion of the existence of free will, deliberately confusing statement, drug use, syringe mention, self-harm
148 Extended Surveillance Eye trauma, physical violence, scopophobia
149 Concrete Jungle Environmental disaster, minor body horror, getting lost
150 Cul-De-Sac Death, blood, isolation, surreal, human remains, self-harm
151 Big Picture Threats of violence, falling, mention of mass drowning
152 A Gravedigger’s Envy Unreliable narrator, live burial, death/suicide contemplation, injury, graveyard, romanticization of death
153 Love Bombing Cults, emotional manipulation, body horror, unsanitary
154 Bloody Mary Death (stabbing), domestic/spousal abuse, injury, self-mutilation, ableism (blindness) 
155 Cost of Living Self-harm, infanticide, murder, near-death experience, eye gouging, seizure disorder, eugenicist rhetoric, ableism, blindness
156 Reflection Cannibalism, fairground accidents, starvation, warped body image, eating disorder-like thought pattern
157 Rotten Core Epidemic / mass infection, extreme body horror, emotional trauma, physical threats, isolation, syringe violence
158 Panopticon Loud noises (including rock grinding) / static, violence (gun / monstrous), eye horror, extended gunfire, isolation, murder / death / loss
159 The Last Emotional manipulation, sensory abuse (static), isolation, depression, mention of starvation, unhealthy family dynamic, abusive parents, parental neglect, disappearance, jumpscare [23:05], loud screaming, violent onscreen death
160 The Eye Opens Apocalypses, eye horror, unreality, compulsion, mentioned animal death, shouting, jumpscare [25:55]

Season 5  []

Trailer Unreality, major character with depression/deteriorated mental state, insects (snake sound effects, unknown species). Mentions of: food.
161 Dwelling Isolation, apocalypses, unreality, emotional self-destruction (main character). Mentions of: food, not needing to eat to survive.
162 A Cosy Cabin Isolation, quarantine, post-apocalypse, unreality, emotional self-destruction (main character), body horror, suffocation. Mentions of: not needing to eat to survive, food.
163 In The Trenches Warfare, gunfire, explosions, loud noises, xenophobia (including antisemitic cariactures), medical trauma, graphic body horror (including trauma to eyes, tooth trauma), chemical warfare, medical malpractice, unreality, claustrophobia in a crowd, mention of needles, death by moving vehicle, being trapped, unsanitary, hunger/starvation, minor emetophobia, burning, cannibalism, jump scare at 4:07 (Spotify)
164 The Sick Village Plague, graphic descriptions of rot/putrefaction, pandemic, quarantine, fungus and spores, xenophobia/racism, bigotry/mob justice, maggots & flying insects (inc SFX), dogs (inc SFX), self-harm, self-mutilation, human sacrifice, immolation and smoke, skin mutilation, body horror, imprisonment/restraint, nationalism, unsanitary
165 Revolutions Loud / discordant SFX (circus music, quiet screams throughout, growling, audio distortion, glitching sounds, loud static squealing towards the end), mass pain, character death, major body horror, impostors, dissociation, skinning, hunting/being hunted, unreality, spatial distortion, use of the second person voice, emetophobia (minor), entrapment, minor animal harm, comparison of a person to food
166 The Worms Survivor's guilt, body horror, screams, claustrophobia, reported violence, dehumanisation, anxiety, suffocation, worms (inc SFX), explicit language, burial, entrapment, depression, self-blame, murder, death, scopophobia (discussed), revenge, determinism, insomnia, hunger, time distortion, themes of oppression, distorted audio, self-doubt, cannibalism
167 Curiosity Manipulation, reported violence, immolation / death by fire, invasion of privacy, telepathy, fainting, mention of war-related trauma. Mentions of: unreality, revenge.
168 Roots Death, hypochondria/mysophobia, heart attack, mortality, cancer, convulsions, stabbing, falling, perceived medical neglect, smoking
169 Fire Escape Landlord neglect and tenant abuse, on-screen death of a parent, health & safety violations, bedbugs/infestation, domestic toxicity (mentions), coughing/smoke inhalation (inc SFX), character death, burning, house fire, emotional distress, loud/sudden noises, death of LGBT character
170 Recollection Isolation, depression, anxiety, depersonalisation & self-disorder, self-hatred, financial distress, elderly neglect, emotional / caregiver abuse (mentioned), neurological impairment / mental deterioration, instances of memory loss, funerals (mentioned), perceived abandonment, persistent droning (SFX), unreality
171 The Gardener Major/graphic body horror, Character death, vocalised suffering & screams/pain (SFX), dysmorphia, anorexia, toxic beauty standards, unhealthy bodybuilding, plastic surgery addiction, body modification, mortality / existential dread, physical disorders / chronic illness, paralysis, self-harm / suicidal ideation, loud noises, noises descriptive of bodily harm
172 Strung Out Emotional manipulation & abuse (including familial), body horror & wounding, supernatural manipulation, explicit language, addiction (including smoking & drinking), substance abuse (including implied opiate abuse), spiders (inc SFX), implied transphobia, humiliation, schadenfreude and forced laughter, maladaptive coping mechanisms & relapse, abuse of nonbinary person, inability to speak, victim blaming, regret, loss of control of one’s body, mass suffering, doubt of one’s autonomy, paranoia
173 Night Night Child Harm, children in peril, screams (inc SFX), bullying, emotional abuse/neglect, darkness, isolation/helplessness, fear of graphic bodily harm (including cannibalism), perceived parental negligence, police mention, paranoia
174 The Great Beast Insignificance/diminution, arguments, body horror, falling, dissociative amnesia, SFX of deep impacts/destruction/“pressure wave” distortion
175 Epoch Body horror (inc animals), description of human remains, self-mutilation, futility/Inconsequence, environmental disaster/eco-horror, pollution, water insecurity, existential & theological dread, unpleasant SFX (insects, squelching, sirens)
176 Blood Ties Explicit language, misogynistic language, hostage situation, victimisation / scapegoating, evisceration, blades, character death, SFX for gunshot, evisceration, panicked breathing
177 Wonderland Arguments, relationship conflict, second-person point-of-view statement, hospitals / mental institutions, mental illness, gaslighting, mental health abuse, medical / therapeutic malpractice, victim blaming, diminution / belittling language, name invalidation, involuntary commitment, medication (including involuntary medication), suicidal ideation (implied), psychosis/unreality, paranoia, explicit language, threats, body horror, avoidance of facts, (SFX: screaming, high pitched tones, discordant music, medication (sounds of taking pills), violence), face mutilation, peeling of skin. Mentions of: death, police brutality, gore.
178 The Processing Line Dehumanisation, helplessness / existential dread, devaluation of human life, reduction of people based on 'usefulness', futility/inconsequence, body horror & torture, body image issues, medical horror, paralysis, arguments, police brutality (discussion of), claustrophobia, explicit language. Mentions of: enclosed spaces, needles/sharp objects, substance abuse, head trauma. SFX: persistent droning, high pitched tones, repetitive mechanical noises, sudden cracking sound, meat processing, insects.
179 Accomplice Prison & Police brutality, Fire & burning (inc SFX), Trauma, Human remains (inc blood), Body horror, Graphic animal attack (inc SFX), Direct & gun violence (inc SFX), Arguments, Character death, Grief, Explicit language, Mentions of: child abuse, substance abuse, murder, kidnapping.
180 Moving On Second-person perspective, Death & mortality, Violence (inc SFX), Undead (zombies), Religious abuse, Child abuse (descriptions of). Mentions of: knives, gaslighting. SFX: persistent droning.
181 Ignorance Dissociation, Memory Loss / Mental Deterioration, Schadenfreude / Vicarious Embarrassment, Suicide, Alcohol, Excessive Drinking
182 Wellbeing Hospitals, Surgery (inc SFX), Extreme medical malpractice, Involuntary commitment & treatment, Body horror, Torture, Character death, Suicide (inc assisted) / Suicidal ideation. Mentions of: Mental deterioration, chronic pain, needles, stillbirth imagery, strokes, rot. SFX: screaming, high-pitched sounds, blades, drilling.
183 Monument Altered reality / Spatial disorientation, Futility / Inconsequence, Self-injury, Body horror & wounding, Physical violence / Graphic injury (inc SFX). Mentions of: blood, murder, falling, isolation.
184 Like Ants Insects & infestation (inc SFX), Claustrophobia, Anxiety / Panic / Pleading, Pain (inc SFX), Trypophobia, Non-consensual supernatural actions. Mentions: Blood, body horror, crushing, loss, futility/inconsequence.
185 Locked In Prison (inc SFX), Dehumanisation, Wrongful imprisonment & victimisation, Police brutality, Uncertain memory & distorted time, Abuse of power, Physical violence, Bullying, Isolation, Pleading, Explicit language
186 Quiet Depression & Sadness, Isolation, Emotional manipulation, Guilt & self-blame. Mentions of: mild body horror, emotional abuse, parental death, dysfunctional/toxic relationships (inc family), grief, ableism, discussion of suffering, death, murder & potential suicide.
187 Checking Out Sudden, loud SFX, Emotional manipulation, Bullying / Taunting, Gaslighting, Disorientation (Spatial & temporal), Pleading, Arguing, Second person POV, Perceived child neglect (inc SFX), Character death
188 Centre of Attention Scopophobia, Loss of privacy, Judgment & shaming, schadenfreude, Bystander apathy, Therapeutic malpractice, Body horror (inc SFX), Eye trauma. Mentions of: Grief/loss (discussion), gaslighting, loss of identity, insomnia, asthma attacks.
189 Peers Arguments, Scopophobia, Mass suffering, Poverty & Food insufficiency, Guilt, Political expediency. Mentions of: Blood, self-inflicted wounds, physical violence, cults. coughing, yelling.
Act III Trailer Cults. Mentions of: apocalypse, scopophobia.
190 Scavengers Cults, Self-recrimination, Emotional manipulation. Mentions of: therapy, innuendo, paranoia & anxiety, instances of memory loss, mild vicarious embarrassment, mild language, ableism, death, mass suffering, physical violence, murder, apocalypse.
191 What We Lose Cults, Arguments, Paranoia & anxiety. Discussions of: death & sacrifice. Mentions of: instances of memory loss/mental deterioration, scopophobia, self-hatred, mild language, murder, food.
192 An Appointment Compulsions (supernatural), emotional manipulation & gaslighting, mental disorientation, paranoia & self-doubt. Mentions of: scopophobia, worms (inc. SFX), blackmail, gun violence, isolation, mild language, mass suffering, self-recrimination. SFX: screams, discordant static.
193 A Stern Look Paranoia & anxiety, emotional manipulation & gaslighting, compulsions (supernatural), spiders & arachnophobia, body horror & eye trauma, drug use (marijuana). Mentions of: death, apocalypse & mass suffering, instances of memory loss & identity crisis, blood, physical violence, human remains, classism, deceased parent, scopophobia, parental disapproval. SFX: discordant static & chanting, flies, retching
194 Parting Arguments, body horror (inc flesh & gore SFX), self-inflicted wounds & body modification (inc SFX), explicit language, panic & emotional distress. Mentions of: alcohol, knives, death, funerals, mass suffering, suicidal ideation, emotional abuse, second person POV, scopophobia, breathing difficulties SFX, physical violence, gaslighting, tumours/cancer
195 Adrift Second person POV, thalassophobia & drowning, suicidal ideation, mental disorientation (inc vertigo), futility / Inconsequence. Mentions of: loss of time, scopophobia, cults, death, isolation, police, spiders, injury, nausea, mass suffering. SFX: extensive water sounds, coughing, crying
196 This Old House Manipulation, altered reality, spiders, heights / vertigo (inc SFX). Mentions of: death, blackmail, war, knives, human remains, paranoia, body horror, live burial, children in peril, arson. SFX: harsh static, insects.
197 Connected Heights & vertigo (inc. SFX), spiders (inc. SFX), manipulation, body horror (inc. SFX), threats, explicit language. Discussions of: altered reality, mass suffering, arson. Mentions: mental disorientation, kidnapping, death & murder, apocalypse, paranoia. SFX: Insects, high-pitched sounds, overlapping voices.
198 Precipice Heights / Vertigo (inc SFX), falling, panic (inc breathing SFX), injury / Pain (inc SFX), explicit language. Discussions of: emotional manipulation. Mentions of: arguments, death, self-hatred, lack of self-preservation, paranoia, pleading, kidnapping, alcohol. SFX: wind, creaking metal, screaming & suffering.
199 Seeing it Through Arguments, guilt & self-recrimination, smoking, strong language. Discussions of: altered reality, death & self-sacrifice, mass suffering & mass death. Mentions of: violence & murder, mental deterioration, manipulation, trauma, explosions. SFX: crying.
200 Last Words Character death, fire & explosions (inc. SFX), vocalised suffering, building collapse, physical violence (inc. SFX), pleading, arguments & crying, explicit language. Discussions of: death (inc. mass death), mass suffering, existential dread. Mentions of: war, suicide, blood, alternative realities, blades. SFX: distorted static & voices, high frequencies, rumbling, continued clicking & thudding.
MAG Roundtable - Making of Season 5 Spoilers up to and including Episode 200. Explicit language. Discussion of: apocalypse & hellscapes, COVID-19 pandemic. Mentions of: anxiety & stress, hospitals, falling, fictional death, prisons.
MAG Retrospective - Crew Q&A Spoilers up to and including Episode 200. Memory loss & loss of identity, drowning, unreality. Discussion of: supernatural experiences (inc. mannequins), claustrophobia. Mentions of: nightmares, anxiety, spiders, burning, falling, COVID-19 pandemic. SFX: water sounds, grinding, high pitched sounds, wind.
MAG Retrospective - Crew's Qs with Jonny & Alex Spoilers for all of The Magnus Archives. Discussion of: smoking, physical violence, nuclear accidents, death, vertigo. Mentions of: unreality, panic, war, mould & rot, COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol.