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This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

A cult accidentally formed by Melanie and Georgie in the post-Change world. Because Melanie severed her connection to The Eye and Georgie cannot feel fear, they are able to move through the domains untouched and they pull some people out to bring with them. The people they save begin to view and worship them as "prophets" and "saviours" in the new world, much to their dislike.

At some point their group becomes large enough to attract the attention of entities, resulting in their numbers dropping to seven. They reside in the tunnels under the institute which are shielded from The Eye using the leftover supplies of Leitner and a Domain taking the form of a supermarket.

The cult believe Melanie and Georgie have special abilities, with Arun in particular thinking that they feed off of hope like the entities feed off of fear. Melanie fabricated a vision of a better world as a way to give them hope, but doing this caused some members of the cult to tie her supposed abilities as a saviour to her disability, something both she and others find incredibly offensive.

In MAG 198, it is revealed that while John and Martin are away, servants of The Eye raid the cult, kidnap the cultists, and leave the tunnels empty save Melanie and Georgie.

Known Members[]

Note: As of MAG 198, the all of the cultists, save Georgie and Melanie, have been kidnapped and sent to fear domains. This list reflects the cult members' statuses before the raid.


  • Laverne is Melanie's therapist who first appeared in MAG 136.
  • Martin takes Celia's statement in MAG 100 where she has her original name, Lynne Hammond.