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Daedalus was a space station that was launched in early 2007 by the Stratosphere group. It was created as a collaboration between the Fairchilds, the Lukas family and Maxwell Rayner.

Rayner orchestrated the creation of the space station for Manuela Dominguez as she would require the darkness of space to create the Dark Star, a necessary component for the Dark’s ritual. The official plan was to send three people but Rayner secretly included a fourth, a nyctophobe sealed in a box of complete darkness. The nyctophobe served as a battery of fear for Manuela’s experiments. Much of what she did made no sense from a scientific standpoint but the Fears do not operate on normal logic and she was ultimately successful in creating the Dark Star.

The Fairchilds sent Jan Kilbride. He was given pointless experiments to perform while they induced a fear of the Vast in him.

The Lukas Family sent Carter Chilcott to be targeted by the Lonely. He was locked into his own section of the station under the guise of a study on long term isolation and eventually starved himself out of despair.

The astronauts arrived on the station in September 2007 and returned to Earth "a few weeks" before February 10th 2008. All of them eventually gave statements to The Magnus Institute.

According to Martin's research in MAG 57, the station was in operation for two years.

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