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Diego Molina is a high ranking member of The Cult of the Lightless Flame.


He is described by Lesere Saraki and Basira Hussain as a tall Hispanic man with a shaved head, who looks to be in his mid to late forties, and with "the sort of build associated with an athletic middle age" (MAG 12). His exact age is unknown but he was already active in The Cult of the Lightless Flame in the 1950s.


In MAG 139, Eugene Vanderstock details Diego’s desire to perform a ritual for the Desolation. It is the leader of the cult, Arthur Nolan, who proposes creating a messiah and in the early 1950s, Diego assists in the creation of Agnes Montague.

After their plans for a ritual is derailed by Gertrude Robinson and the Web, Diego is convinced that killing her will also harm Agnes. Instead of direct action, he convinces the cult to wait for Gertrude to die of old age, and they even end up protecting her at times.

November 23rd, 2006[]

In MAG 67, he is seen by Jack Barnabas meeting Agnes Montague at her flat with other members of The Cult of the Lightless Flame and holding what appears to be an unlit lantern. Shortly after this, Agnes Montague is found dead in her flat having apparently hanged herself.

Following Agnes’ death in 2006, Arthur’s position is considerably weakened and the cult looks to Diego for leadership instead (MAG 145)

August 2011[]

In MAG 43, Molina is encountered by police officers Basira Hussain and John Spencer at the scene of a fire near Clapham in which arson was suspected. At the time he was an assistant curator of a Mexican museum who accompanied an exhibition on loan to the natural history museum, though the museum claimed that he had not been seen for several weeks. When firefighters arrived at the fire, Molina attacked them and was subdued while attempting to flee. Despite exiting the burned structure, he did not have any burns himself.

When approached by Basira, he was heard to be saying the phrases "cleansing fire" and "all shall be ash", as well as the name "Asag", a Sumerian demon that could boil fish alive in rivers, leading to Basira and Spencer suspecting him of arson. When Basira attempted to cuff him, the metal of the handcuffs became incredibly, though invisibly, hot. He then whispered something to Spencer, which seemed to leave him shaken. When Molina was taken into the police station, his only personal property was a small book bound in red leather.

December 23rd, 2011[]

In MAG 12, a heavyset, middle-aged man with no hair (later confirmed to be Diego) was admitted to St. Thomas Hospital with second-degree burns covering his entire body - though it is not clear whether he had any hair prior to the burns. He arrived with another burned man, Gerard Keay, both unconscious. They had been found by firefighters near St. Mary's churchyard responding to reports of a fire at a nearby building site.

Some time after the men were treated by nurse Lesere Saraki, she heard Diego whispering "Asag, wypalać, the lightless flame." Upon attempting to leave the hospital, Lesere found the doors too hot to open, and while trying to locate another exit she heard that the chanting had grown louder. Diego appeared to be awake, though he was staring blankly at the ceiling.

Lesere moved to silence Diego but was stopped by Gerard, who implied that his own burns resulted from touching him. Gerard asked her if any possessions had been brought in with him, specifically a small book bound in red leather (likely the same book from MAG 43) and his brass pendant. She told him that no such things were with them. Gerard then walked over to Diego, muttered something indistinct, and plunged a scalpel into Diego's throat. The wound sizzled before Diego's body seemed to apparently cremate itself. Gerard swept up the ashes and gave them to Lesere for disposal. A police report was filed based on Diego's disappearance from the hospital, but nothing ever came of it.


Diego worked at a mexican art museum as a curator previous to joining the cult

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