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The Domains are the areas of the world in which victims of the Fears are placed to be tortured and have their fear harvested, in the post-Change world.

Mechanics of Domains Edit

The precise details of how domains work are still being discovered, but we have some information.

In most domains, people do not need to eat or sleep, and cannot permanently die. There are some exceptions, most notably the End's domains. As with all post-change places, time and space is warped. Neither their location or the amount of time that passes in them is consistent, and their size fluctuates.

Each domain is nominally tied to an entity, although this isn't a strict alignment. Domains are shaped by the fears of those inside them, and can warp into forms that don't fit into Smirke's 14 categories. Each domain is shaped by and feeds on a specific personal fear, rather then the more abstract categories of the entities.[1]

Many domains have an Avatar or Monster who runs the domain. They're immune to the influence of the domain and help to torment the inhabitants, and seem to have some control over the domain and those in it. However, they're not necessary to the domain- some domains have no visible avatar, and the death of that avatar doesn't stop the domains functioning or free its inhabitants.

Known Domains Edit

The Panopticon Edit

An Eye-aligned domain taking the form of a massive tower that can see and be seen anywhere on earth. Jonah Magnus resides within it.

The Trench Edit

The Trench is a Slaughter-aligned domain which presumably feeds off the fear of being forced into battle, this domain takes the form of a WW1-style battlefield in which the inhabitants are forced to fight each other in increasingly brutal ways, only to be reborn to return to the war upon death. Each side sees the others as literal monsters, so there is no peace possible. A well-dressed man with a poppy is seen unaffected by the carnage and may be the Avatar, although this is not confirmed.

The Sick Village Edit

The Sick Village is a Corruption-aligned domain which possibly feeds off the fear of outsiders spreading disease, this domain takes the form of a small English village ravaged by a fungal blight. The inhabitants wear masks and leather coats to hide their infection, and have set up an inquisition to purge outsiders and traitors who they blame for the plague, burning them at the stake in the village green. It is not known if this domain has an avatar.

The Merry-Go-Round Edit

The Merry-Go-Round is a Stranger-aligned domain which presumably feeds off the fear of identity loss. It's a massive carousel- the riders have no faces, and must physically tear them off each other and wear them to have any kind of identity. Those who do have them sit atop the horses and exalt in being a person, until the horses descend and bring them into the crowd who tear their faces off again. Its avatar was Not-Sasha, until her death.

The Field of Worms Edit

The Field of Worms is a Buried-aligned domain which possibly feeds off the fear of being trapped without options. It's a large field in which the inhabitants, seemingly those who were desperately poor before the change, are trapped in tight constricting tunnels, with only a faint glimpse of the sky providing light and false hope. They slowly, painfully try to drag their way to the surface, but whenever they get close rain pours down the tunnels, pushing them further back. It is not known if this domain has an Avatar.

The Corpse Roots Edit

The Corpse Roots is an End-aligned domain which possibly feeds off the fear of knowing how you'll die. No exact physical description is given, but it includes roots the victims are forced to walk down while seeing their own upcoming deaths. Once they reach the end of their root, they die- for real, unlike other domains. Its avatar is Oliver Banks.

The Tenement Block Edit

The Tenement Block is a Desolation-aligned domain which feeds off the fear of having one's home destroyed or violated. It's a shoddy, dangerous tenement block which is constantly on fire, with the fires going out just long enough for the inhabitants to repair before the fire takes everything away again. Its avatar was Jude Perry until her death.

The House Edit

The House is a Lonely-aligned domain which presumably feeds off the fear of being forgotten, or forgetting your loved ones. It takes the form of a huge, nondescript house filled with fog, that warps the memory of those inside it so they slowly forget the people they love and dwell on tragic memories of their past. It is not known if this domain has an avatar.

The Mortal Garden Edit

The Mortal Garden is a Flesh-aligned domain which presumably feeds off the fear of dysphoria and hating one's body. It takes the form of a garden where victims are buried and have their bodies twisted and cut into fleshy "flowers" that embody their dysphoria and self-loathing. Its avatar was Jared Hopworth, until his death.

The Theatre Edit

The Theatre is a Web-aligned domain which presumably feeds off the fear of addiction. It takes of the form of a theatre where victims are impaled with hooked strings and puppeteered on stage by giant spiders, forced to act through their descent into addiction before taking spider's eggs in the form of drugs. These eggs hatch inside them and kill them, before being reborn for the next show. Its avatar is seemingly an entity called "the Spider".

Night Street Edit

Night Street is a Dark-aligned domain which feeds off childhood fears of the bogeyman. It's a pitch-black suburb in which children are convinced they are being hunted by various monsters while their parents ignore their terror. Unlike other domains, it has a specific purpose- to allow children's fears to "mature" into a form the Eye finds more palatable. Its avatar is Callum Brodie.

The Realm of the Great Beast Edit

The Realm of the Great Beast is a Vast-aligned domain that possibly feeds off the terror of inescapable destruction. It's a sprawling expanse of towns which an unimaginably huge creature made of millions of humans rampages through, crushing them underfoot. The inhabitants are divided into two groups- those on the ground who desperately try to get away as their loved ones try to underplay the threat, and those people who are part of the monster. Its avatar is Simon Fairchild.

The Anthropocene Era Edit

The Anthropocene Era is an Extinction-aligned domain that feeds off the fear of humanity destroying itself. It takes the form of a dry seabed full of towering piles of garbage and mutated predatory animals, as well as monstrous creatures native to the realm. The one inhabitant we see tries futilely to record the remains of humanity. It's unknown if this domain has an avatar.

The Forest Edit

The Forest is a Hunt-aligned domain that feeds off the fear of betrayal and witchhunts. It's a forest inhabited by packs of people, who repeatedly discover that one member of them is a traitor, hunt them down and brutally kill them, before discovering another traitor and repeating the process. It's unknown if this domain has an avatar.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the change, the Entities often manifested as strange extradimensional locations, and Smirke dreamed of their true forms as strange places. What relationship, if any, these places have to the domains of the post-change world is unclear.
  • The cabin from MAG 162 may have been a small or nascent domain, with a specific fear it fed off (the fear of having your shelter destroyed) and a statement given about its inhabitants.
  • At least two domains have been stated to have been places important to an Entity before the change- The Panopticon previously being the Magnus Institute and Millbank Prison combined and the Trenches being Kinloss Barracks. It's not been confirmed whether this is true of all domains, or what the other seen domains were pre-change if so.

References Edit

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