Elias Bouchard is the Head of the Magnus Institute. He took over the position from James Wright in 1996. It is unknown when Elias began working at the Institute, but it was prior to 1972, when he was a filing clerk.[1]

(Jon later says in MAG 49 that Elias joined the institute in 1991. It is unclear which timeline is correct, but Jonny Sims said in the season 3 Q&A that Elias is "middle aged.")

Elias earned a third class honors degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Christ Church (Oxford). He was also apparently a "bit of a pothead" in his younger days.

Elias drinks his coffee black.[2]


This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot.

Elias Bouchard is a servant of Beholding, and the head of the Magnus Institute. Initially he presents as skeptical of Jonathan Sims's supernatural claims regarding Jane Prentiss and her abilities. Later it is revealed that he is an avatar of the Beholding, and possesses several powers of his own.

He states that he is trying to help Jonathan grow his abilities, but he is ultimately loyal to the Institute. He killed both Gertrude Robinson and Jurgen Leitner as he considered them both threats to the Institute.

Elias has used his Beholding abilities to traumatize his employees, including implanting disturbing knowledge about their parents into the minds of both Melanie MAG 106 and Martin MAG 118.

Known PowersEdit

  • Limited Omniscience - Elias has noted his ability to see and know anything he puts his mind to, but it requires concentration. He was not able to locate Jonathan when he was taken by The Stranger, and was unaware of Basira's actions while he was talking with Melanie
  • Memory Insertion - Elias can put any information he wants into another person's mind. It is implied that this information must be true, and he is not capable of "removing" information
  • Limited Reality Control - Elias was able to doctor the CCTV footage of the security cameras inside of the Institute to give himself an alibi during the murder of Gertrude Robinson.
  • Incarnation - Elias describes himself as the "heart" of the Magnus Institute, and that if he were to die, everyone who serves the Institute would die along with him.

Statements Read By HimEdit


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