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Eric Delano was Mary Keay’s husband and the father of Gerard Keay. He worked at The Magnus Institute as an assistant to Gertrude Robinson.


Eric always loved ghosts and was fascinated with the mystery and sense of secret knowledge to them. After he graduated with a Masters in library science, this fascination led him to apply for a vacant assistant archivist position at the Magnus Institute.[1]

He began working as Gertrude’s assistant in the 1960s when she took over the position after the death of the old archivist, Angus Stacey. He worked alongside Fiona Law, Emma Harvey, and, eventually, Michael Shelley.[2]

He is noted as the one who typed up the statement of the man who wasn't there, [3] and sent it to Gertrude along with a request for sick leave due to persistent migraines. Jonathan estimates that the statement was written in the 1980s or 90s.

After a few years at the Institute, he met Mary Keay and became romantically involved with her. After they were married, she explained The Entities, their rituals, and the Institute to him. After their son Gerard was born, Eric decided to leave the Institute. It took him two years to figure out how to leave but he eventually set himself free by completely destroying his eyes.

Five years into their marriage and shortly after he blinded himself, Mary killed him by stabbing him in the chest with garden shears. She bound him to the Skin Book and brought him out to bounce ideas off of him, while never actually listening to him.[1]

On July 3rd, 2008, Mary Keay visited Gertrude Robinson to make a statement and gift her Eric’s page. She told her "I've always found a singular devotion too restrictive. Just ask Eric, or what's left of him".

On July 21st, 2008, Gertrude summoned Eric, and he gave a statement recounting his time in the Archives, his relationship with Mary, his death and its aftermath. He revealed that he was able to free himself from the Eye and the Archives by blinding himself and Gertrude then destroyed his page.

Episode Appearances[]

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