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Ex Altiora was a book with paranormal properties. The book was bound in calf leather in the 1800s with the title on the spine in faded gold letters, but the pages appear to be from the 17th century. The author is unknown.

It was a Virgil-style poem written in Latin, concerning a huge creature approaching a town who struggled to decide how to combat this creature, eventually throwing themselves to the rocks below out of madness. The book also had woodcut images of cliffs, mountains, a tower, and a starless sky.

When the book was in Herbert Knox's possession, it did not have the image of the starless sky, and it is possible that Michael Crew imprisoned or sealed a figure inside the book to make that image.

Gerard Keay destroyed the book by burning in 2012.


The exact properties of the book are unknown. Looking at the images induces a feeling of vertigo, and the smell of ozone seems to emanate from the book at different times.

Known Owners[]