Eye symbology and symbols appear to be a recurring theme in the statements of the Magnus Archives. Specifically, stylised open eye symbols and closed eye symbols appear occasionally.

Open Eye Symbols Edit

Intricate Painting of Open Eye (MAG 4) Edit

Gerard Keay painted a painting of an eye that his mother, Mary Keay, stored at their shop, Pinhole Books. The painting was incredibly detailed, with intricate patterns and symmetry with the caption "grant us the sight that we may not know, grant us the scent that we may not catch, grant us the sound that we may not call".

Gerard Keay's Tattoos and Pendant (MAG 12) Edit

Gerard Keay has open eye tattoos on each of his joints and over his heart. This appears to have protected his points from the flames that burnt him. He also had a lighter with an open eye symbol etched on it. Lesere Saraki, author of the statement, believes he had a brass pendant with an eye symbol on it, although this was not seen. On the CCTV from St Thomas Hospital there was a single frame of a human eye at 03:22:52, although it is not clear what part of the events that coincided with.

Small Open Eye Engravings in Johann von Württemberg (MAG 23) Edit

On all the bookshelves in Johann von Württemberg's mausoleum were small engravings of open eyes.

Closed Eye Symbols Edit

Silver pendant from the People's Church of the Divine Host (MAG 9) Edit

Julia Montauk's mother had a silver pendant which was of a hand with a stylised closed eye symbol on it. Robert Montauk's last victim had the same pendant. It is possible, although not proven, that all his victims had the same pendant and were all linked somehow. The pendant is from the People's Church of the Divine Host and it is possible that the victims are all linked to that church.

Hither Green Dissenters (MAG 25) Edit

When Mark Bilham was exploring the house of Natalie Ennis, he found a piece of paper. On one side it said "Hither Green Dissenters", and the other side it had a curved line with four straight lines coming off one side of it, like a stylised eye.

Other Eyes Edit

Meat Eyes (MAG 18) Edit

The pile of moving meat in Toby Carlisle's room "opened all its eyes" according to Christof Rudenko.

Oratory Window (MAG 20) Edit

Edwin Burroughs felt like the great glass window in the Oratory was a giant eye, looking at him.

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