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Gabriel, also known as the Worker of Clay, was an avatar of The Spiral.


Deborah Madaki describes Gabriel as short and squat, has knobbly little arms that almost reach his knees, eerie pale eyes, and spiral-grooved fingerprints. He kept his black hair short because "he thought no one would notice how greasy it was". His face also appeared to be made of clay, as it moved behind his teeth and eyes, and his eyes looked like they were always about to escape his skull.

Despite his unnerving interactions with Deborah, he comes off as kind and mild-mannered.


1972: MAG 136 mentions someone called Gabe who worked with Neil Lagorio, creating clay sculptures for use in stop-motion. They stop working together in 1972 after their first stop-motion film, The Labyrinth of the Minotaur.

2004: Gabriel attends an adult sculpting class in the spring of 2004, working with the teacher Ray Quinton and the students; Deborah, Mary, and Bill. He leaves after overcoming an artist's block with Deborah's unwilling assistance.

2009-2011: One week before Deborah gives her statement to Gertrude, she receives a letter from Gabriel about his “new job” in Sannikov Land. According to Michael in MAG 101, Gabriel has worked for decades on constructing The Great Twisting, the centrepiece of The Spiral’s ritual.

The ritual fails and his work collapses after Shelley is merged with the Distortion, and Gabriel tears out his veins to dissolve himself in crimson mud.

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  • The exact date of The Great Twisting is unclear. Gertrude Robinson had lost all her assistants by 2011, and according to MAG 126, The Great Twisting took place some time after October 2009, placing the ritual's collapse between October 2009 and 2011. This conflicts with the events detailed in MAG 167, which suggests that Michael was merged with the Distortion before the death of Agnes Montague, which occurred in 2006.


  • In MAG 126, Gabriel creates a clay sculpture depicting the Distortion and refers to them as a "good friend", indicating the two were close.