Georgie Barker is the fearless host of the What The Ghost? podcast. She lives with her cat, The Admiral, and knew Jonathan Sims at University.

She naturally has a slight Scouse accent that she at one point took great pains to hide. She also enjoys Hungarian food and laments that none of her friends will eat it with her. She also used to smoke at some point but quit for her health.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

During her first year of college at Oxford, she and her friend Alex encountered a group of people in the Medical Sciences Building who were supposedly protesters but appeared to have all collapsed on the floor. The only person sitting up was a woman that Alex knew as one of the cadavers used in anatomy classes. The dead woman whispered something to Alex, who then joined the rest of the group in lying motionless on the floor. She whispered to Georgie, who tried not to hear, but she was unable to block out the phrase: "The moment that you die will feel exactly the same as this one."

Georgie later woke up in her bed, having been there for several days, and could no longer feel anything. She took a year off from university to recover, and never saw Alex again.[2]

Due to this experience, Georgie no longer feels fear. She is unsure whether her fear was cauterized or stolen from her.

Georgie returned to Oxford (presumably Balliol College specifically), where she met John. The two dated for some time[3] before parting on less than ideal terms.[4]

She eventually started the "What The Ghost?" podcast and befriended Melanie King. She had previously worked with Sarah Baldwin on two occasions and put Melanie in touch with her when she needed a sound engineer.[5]

In 2017 she lets Jonathan Sims live in her apartment while he is suspected of murdering Jurgen Leitner, and at least once during that time she lies to the police about his whereabouts.[6]

As of MAG 157, Georgie and Melanie are romantically involved and living together.

Season Five[edit | edit source]

When The Change happens Georgie, along with Melanie, remain unaffected. They make their way to the Institute, figuring John will know what is going on, but by the time they arrive, the world has fully turned and the Institute is inaccessible. With nowhere to go, Melanie brings them into the tunnels beneath the Institute, which still seem to offer some protection from The Eye.

Over time, they pull some people out of nearby domains and unintentionally form a cult of sorts.

They find out about John and Martin's return to London as the entire city is excited about the Archivist arriving. They find the two of them by the Institute and bring them into the tunnels.

Recurring Nightmares[edit | edit source]

Since giving her statement to John in MAG 94, Georgie has recurring dreams about being in a dissection room. Unlike most characters with recurring nightmares, Georgie does not appear to be scared or upset by hers. She just looks right back at the watcher in pity.

Episode Appearances[edit | edit source]

Bold marks episodes where Georgie has given a statement.

Episode Appearances

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Georgie is voiced by Sasha Sienna, Jonny Sims' spouse.
  • Georgie has dated men in the past and currently has a girlfriend.
  • Georgie was named after horror writer Clive Barker.[7]
  • An episode of Georgie's podcast What the Ghost? was created as bonus content for the Rusty Quill Patreon in December 2018 and was released to the public in August 2020.

References[edit | edit source]

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