Gerard Keay is a recurring character in the Magnus Archives. He habitually wears a long dark leather coat and dyes his hair black.


This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot.

He seems to either be immune to pain, fire or has enough mental discipline to ignore it. His ancestors come from the Schwarzwald in Germany, where there were rumours that his great, great grandfather, Wilhelm von Closen, cavorted with witches (MAG 23).

His mother, Mary Keay, died from an overdose of painkillers. She was found by the police with her skin removed and hanging. Her skin had writing on it in permanent marker. Although Gerard was blamed for this, some inadmissible evidence excused him, and she later appeared to Dominic Swaine (MAG 4).


2002 - Gerard helps Harold Silvana, Rachel Turley and Alf Bartlet find the catacombs beneath Pall Mall. Once he has grabbed a book (believed to be a Leitner tome), he flees the scene (MAG 35).

Some time in 2008 - Mary Keay was found dead of a supposed drug overdose, but her skin was hung up with Sanskrit written all over it. Gerard was acquitted (MAG 4).

Andrea Nunis visits Genoa, Italy. She meets a man speculated (by Jonathan Sims) to be Gerard Keay. The man warns her that she is marked and tells her to keep her mother's face in her mind. This later helps her escape from a supernatural situation (MAG 48).

23rd December 2011 - he and an older man were taken to St Thomas' Hospital for severe burns. When the other victim started chanting he killed him and left a few days later into his mother's care (MAG 12).

Winter 2012 - Dominic Swaine, under the influence of the Jurgen Leitner book Ex Altiora, finds the Keay's bookshop, where someone introducing herself as Mary Keay shows him another of Leitner's tomes. Later, Gerard finds Dominic and burns Ex Altiora after purchasing it for £5000 (MAG 4).

2014 - Gerard Keay apparently dies from a brain tumor (MAG 12). While travelling to the United States with Gertrude, he had a seizure, and was taken to a hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. He later had a second seizure, and died. (MAG 107)

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