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Gertrude Robinson was the Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute before Jonathan Sims. She was directly responsible for thwarting at least five different Rituals.


Gertrude was reported missing by Elias Bouchard on 15th March 2015 (MAG 40). (There is one instance where the date was recorded as 15th May 2015, but this appears to either have been an error or to have been retconned.) Her last chronological appearance was on 4th April 2015, when she recorded a statement, and she was found dead in the tunnels beneath the Magnus Institute on 29th July 2016. At some point between those two dates, she was murdered by Elias Bouchard in order to stop her from destroying the Institute (MAG 92).

Her death seems to have been prophesied by someone going by the name Antonio Blake. He dreamt of black tendrils growing into people in a shadowy dreamscape, those touched by the tendrils died of an ailment in the location the tendril touched. In one such dream he found a red light quickly pulsing through the tendrils and followed them to the Magnus Institute into a dream version of Gertrude (MAG 11).


Gertrude's body was found in a room containing all of the statements that she personally recorded. These tapes were impounded by the police as evidence, but Jonathan Sims convinced Basira Hussain to let him listen to a few of them (MAG 43). When Basira resigned from the police force, she took the tapes with her and gave them to Jonathan. Shortly thereafter, Elias brought the tapes into his office, where they have remained ever since. The statements recorded by Gertrude Robinson and listened to by Jonathan Sims are as follows:

  • Statement from Yuri Utkin regarding a visit to "Another Circus" (MAG 44).
  • Statement from Walter Heller regarding the Serapeum of Alexandria (MAG 53).
  • Statement from Mary Keay regarding a book capable of containing the spirits of the dead. (MAG 62).
  • Statement from Lucy Cooper when her mother was replaced by the NotThem. Gertrude mentions The Stranger during her summary (MAG 77).
  • Statement from Sebastian Skinner about an encounter with forces of The Stranger. This recording notes was made less than a year before she died, and indicates she had been fighting against the other Powers, dealing a significant blow to The Desolation (MAG 87).
  • Statement from Robert E. Geiger about a man possessed by a dust storm in Boise City, Oklahoma. Gertrude discusses her plans to stop the ritual of The Buried, and this recording also reveals Michael used to be one of her assistants (MAG 99).
  • Statement from Abraham Janssen about the last attempted Unknowing (MAG 116).
  • Statement from Lucia Wright about an attempt by avatars of The Flesh to conduct The Last Feast ritual (MAG 130).
  • Statement from Wallis Turner regarding The Slaughter's failed attempt at a Risen War on board the HMS Nemesis (MAG 137).
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