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The Gorilla Skin is an ancient taxidermied gorilla hide that is associated with The Stranger.


The gorilla skin is an ancient relic from 5th-century Carthage. According to Daniel Rawlings, it was bought by Hanno (possibly Hanno the Navigator) and might be the oldest piece of taxidermy in the world. (MAG 54) It can be used to fulfil the Unknowing ritual's component of "a costume of special power or distinction" (MAG 102) required for the lead dancer.


During the Unknowing ritual conducted by Wolfgang von Kempelen in 1787, the gorilla skin clothes the Mechanical Turk as it leads the ritual. The skin is unharmed by the direct cannon fire that destroys the Turk. (MAG 116)

For a time, the skin was under the ownership of The Circus of the Other and was intended to be used as a key component for the next Unknowing ritual. At some point, under the leadership of Nikola Orsinov, the Circus lost the skin. This was shortly before Breekon and Hope left the Circus and took over Alfred Breekon's company in 1993. (MAG 128)

In June 2013, the ancient gorilla skin was seen in The Trophy Room, Daniel Rawlings's taxidermy shop. (MAG 54) In MAG 96Sarah Baldwin reveals that Gertrude Robinson killed Rawlings while stealing the skin in order to disrupt the Unknowing. After the skin was taken, The Trophy Room stopped storing powerful items.

Gertrude Robinson destroyed the skin by burning it. The remnants were found in Gertrude's storage unit in MAG 113.

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