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Graham is described as having a round face with deep blue eyes and short-cut dark hair. He smokes and wears deodorant to cover the smell. Graham's parents, Desmond and Samantha, both died in a car crash on the M1 on August 4th 2001, leaving their inheritance and flat to Graham.

At the time of the statement, he was enrolled in a criminology class at Birkbeck University. In this class he met Amy Patel, the statement giver for MAG 3. Later, as mentioned in the statement, Amy happened into Graham on the bus one night and discovered they lived close by each other. During the walk Amy falls somehow and sustains a concussion. Because of this Graham takes her to his house to recover. There it is revealed that Graham has hundreds of notebooks kept on bookshelves in his house. Is it also shown the he is in possession the The Web Table, having said to have a passion for antique furniture.

Later in the statement, Amy goes on to describe her "hobby" of watching Graham through the window of her adjacent flat and viewing the strange and paranoid things he does. One night, 7th April 2006, Amy witnesses the NotThem sneak through a window into Grahams flat and murder/replace him.

NotGraham is described as a few inches shorter than Graham with a long, square face and curly blond hair. When police go to investigate they find nothing out of the usual and even compare NotGraham to a passport which has been changed to match his new appearance.


  • Graham is mentioned to be gay in MAG 3
  • Jonny confirmed in the 3rd part of the season 5 Q&A that Oliver Banks is his ex boyfriend.