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Helen Richardson was a real estate agent who became trapped in the domain of The Spiral in 2016. She later merged with The Distortion, replacing Michael Shelley.

History Edit

Season Two Edit

Sometime in 2016, Helen is selling a house on Saint Albans Avenue, when Michael appears, claiming her client could not come and had sent him instead. He tricks her into going through a door that had not been there before, whereupon she spends three days lost inside of Michael's labyrinth. She manages to free herself and spends some time in a hospital recovering from dehydration.

Later, on 2nd October 2016, she gives a statement to the Magnus Institute. She expresses gratitude towards Jonathan Sims for believing her story and promising to help her, but as she leaves she goes through a door conjured by Michael and is implied to be lost inside his realm once more. (MAG 47: The New Door).

Season Three Edit

Around May-June in 2017, when Jonathan Sims is being held hostage by The Stranger in the House Of Wax, Michael comes to give him a statement and kill him. He tells John to open a door but the door appears to be locked. Michael tries to open it and utters a pained scream as he is undone.

The door is opened from the inside by Helen. She is not sure what she is but both Michael and Helen Richardson are gone and there is only her now. She has no desire to kill John and she remembers that Helen Richardson liked him. She has a lot to consider but helps John escape the House of Wax. (MAG 101)

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