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This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

Helen Richardson was a real estate agent who became trapped in Michael's corridors in 2016 and later merged with The Distortion.


Season Two[]

Sometime in 2016, Helen is selling a house on Saint Albans Avenue when Michael appears, claiming her client could not come and had sent him instead. He tricks her into going through a door that had not been there before, whereupon she spends three days lost inside of Michael's labyrinth. She manages to free herself and spends some time in a hospital recovering from dehydration.

Later, on 2nd October 2016, she gives a statement to the Magnus Institute and attempts to draw a map of the corridors she was lost in. She expresses gratitude towards Jonathan Sims for believing her story and promising to help her, but as she leaves she goes through a door conjured by Michael and is lost inside his realm once more.[1]

In February 2017, Helen is spotted by Martin Blackwood and Tim Stoker during the two weeks they wander Michael's corridors.[2][3]

Season Three[]

Two days after Martin escapes Michael's corridors, Helen is mentioned during an interview between him and Alice "Daisy" Tonner.[4]

In May/June 2017, Helen Richardson merges with The Distortion.[5]

Episode Appearances[]

Bold marks episodes where Helen Richardson has given a statement.

Episode Appearances


  • According to Helen post-distortion, the original Helen lied to real estate clients, was a bit of a prick at parties, and was secretly a tory.[6]
  • John cared about Helen more than other statement givers because he felt solidarity with her paranoia and felt that if he could help her then he wasn't beyond help himself.[7]
  • Martin was jealous of Helen in season 2 because of how she and John connected.[7]
  • Like Michael Shelley, Helen had a map when she entered The Distortion's corridors.[5]