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The house at 105 Hill Top Road is mentioned in numerous statements. It is in the Cowley area of Oxford and has a notably strange tree in the garden. The house is a stronghold of The Web and the latest in a long line of residences built in the location of a Gap in Reality.


Before 959: A Saxon man named Eowa builds the first residence in the future location of Hill Top Road and dies after slipping through the gap. (MAG 196)

After 1096: Geoffrey Neckam purchases a house on Hill Top Road and eventually begins investigating the strange nature of his home. His studies brings the location to the attention of The Web. (MAG 196)

After 1529: A sculptor of puppets lives at Hill Top Road and uses human tendons for his strings. He is eventually slain by a crusading hunter of the Reformation. (MAG 196)

After 1642: A writer of anonymous letters lives at Hill Top Road and is eventually buried beneath it. (MAG 196)

Before 1891: A house is built at 105 Hill Top Road (MAG 8).

1891: The house is bought by Walter Fielding, its first recorded owner (MAG 8).

1923: The house is inherited by Walter’s son Alfred (MAG 8).

1957: The house is inherited by Alfred’s son Raymond (MAG 8).

1960s: Raymond Fielding uses the house as a halfway house on behalf of the local diocese for delinquents and troubled youth. (MAG 8). Residents include Ronald Sinclair, Doris Hardy, Dick Barridale, and Greg Montgomery. Ronald reports that none of his actions while living at the house are entirely his own, making him stay out of trouble, brush his teeth, etc. Weekly on Sundays, Raymond gathers the children around the Web Table (with the box in the middle); Ronald cannot remember what happens afterward. Once children turn 18, they appear to be taken away by a suited government official (MAG 59).

At some point Agnes Montague moves in. She appears to be around 11 years old at the time. (MAG 8) Some time after she moves in Ronald Sinclair turns 18. While waiting to be taken away he is controlled to go back to the house, go into Raymond's study in the basement, pick up the box from the table, and take a bite of the apple inside. Before he can do so, he feels a burning sensation in his cheek where Agnes had kissed him earlier, drops the apple, and escapes. He sees the bodies of other children who he thought had left in the basement, their bodies stuffed with spider eggs (MAG 59).

After Agnes's appearance residents at the halfway house are gradually seen less and less until only Agnes and Raymond remain. (MAG 8)

7-8 years after Agnes's appearance: Raymond Fielding disappears. When questioned, Agnes says he has gone away and the house is hers; police investigation reveals the house has been legally signed over to her with no evidence of foul play. (MAG 8) Agnes lives in the house for several more years and pets allowed outside tend to vanish around the area. (MAG 8)

1974: A toddler living nearby goes missing, and people think that Agnes is responsible for his disappearance. The house soon burns down. The only body discovered in the ruins is Raymond Fielding's, missing its right hand (MAG 8).

At some point after its destruction, Gertrude Robinson visits the ruins of the house and finds a tin box with clippings of Agnes's hair in the ashes.

1974-2005: Some dispute over land ownership prevents anything from being built on the land. (MAG 8).

Before 2005: Construction begins on a new house on the land (MAG 59).

2006-2016: Two families have lived in the house since the events of MAG 8 and have noticed no paranormal happenings (MAG 8).

2006/2009: The events detailed in MAG 8 occur. Ivo Lensik works on the construction of a residential building, meets a man calling himself Raymond Fielding, and repeatedly smells burning hair.

  • November 23rd: Ivo Lensik is abruptly overwhelmed with hatred for the tree in the garden. He first chops at it to see it appear to bleed, then tears it down to find the box from the Web Table buried underneath. He opens it to see an apple, which rots before his eyes and bursts into spiders. He smashes the box and throws away the remains. Ivo works at the house for another week with no further strange occurrences. (MAG 8)
  • On the same day, Agnes Montague is found dead, with a severed human hand tied to her wrist whose owner must have died at the same time as her (MAG 8, MAG 67)
  • At the same time: Edwin Burroughs performs an exorcism of the site at the request of the nurse at the hospital who treated Ivo and told him about the house (MAG 8). While he is attempting to do the exorcism, he is overwhelmed with a burning sensation, and his mouth says the words "I am not for you. I am marked." (MAG 19 & MAG 20).
  • Note: Father Burroughs statement places these events in 2009 while Ivo Lensik's and Jack Barnabas's statements place the events in 2006.

2009, April: Anya Villette was hired to clean new student housing that had just been built on Hill Top Road. She says she cleaned the house on April 23rd, although when she left it was April 8th again. As she mentions she was dragged through a crack in the basement floor but later woke up in a world where her old friends didn't seem to recognise her and there was no record of her, it is unclear whether these events happened in this universe (MAG 114). She also mentions a tree standing in the backyard similar to the tree Ivo Lensik mentions tearing down in 2006 (MAG 8).

2018, July: John, Basira, Daisy, and Melanie investigate Hill Top Road. They find a written statement from Annabelle Cane and a tape of the statement in MAG 1.

Post-Change: Annabelle Cane brings Martin Blackwood to the house and gives him a written statement about the location’s past.

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