Hypnotic patterns seem to be a recurring theme in cases of the Magnus Archives. Whether or not these are linked remains to be seen, but they will be documented here on the off chance they are important.

Ornate Wooden Table (MAG 3) Edit

Graham Folger owned and ornate wooden table with an intricate carving on it, with snaking lines weaving towards the centre, where a square hole was missing. Graham didn't have the missing object that went in the hole.

Ex Altiora (MAG 3) Edit

Ex Altiora, a Leitner book, is written in Latin, and the images in the book trigger Catherine Mendez' vertigo. This is not, strictly speaking, a hypnotic pattern, but is similar in concept.

Eye Painting (MAG 4) Edit

There is a painting of an eye by Gerard Keay which at one point existed in Pinhole Books. Dominic Swaine explained that the painting was incredibly detailed, with intricate patterns and symmetry with the caption "grant us the sight that we may not know, grant us the scent that we may not catch, grant us the sound that we may not call", which Mary Keay said was painted by her son, Gerard.

Fractals (MAG 8) Edit

Ivo Lensik's father, a schizophrenic, was obsessed with fractals . He may or may not have been killed by someone, although he may have committed suicide.

Intricate Wooden Box Under Blood Tree (MAG 8) Edit

Ivo Lensik found a wooden box underneath the tree at 105 Hill Top Road, which contained an apple which decayed immediately when removed from the box.

Chinese Vase (MAG 38) Edit

André Ramao bought a vase from Mikaele Salesa, whose "blue glaze was painted on in crisp, thin geometric lines" which formed shapes that "never lost any of their precision, seeming to continue on no matter how closely [he] looked." He quickly took to watching the vase, waiting for something, and this became his ritual until the vase began expelling items it had taken.

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