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Jan Kilbride was an astronaut recruited by the Fairchilds for the Daedalus space station.


Jan was approached by Mr. Fairchild, a representative of the Stratosphere Group, about a year before the mission aboard the Daedalus. He had submitted his application a few times but never really expected anything to come of it, while he did possess the requisite skills but he thought he simply wasn’t exceptional enough. Mr. Fairchild referenced his psychiatric profile a few times during their interview but, not wishing to jeopardise his chances, Jan did not press him too hard on the exact reason he was chosen.

In September 2007, Jan arrived on the Daedalus with his fellow astronauts Carter Chilcott and Manuela Dominguez. He and Manuela had their own experiments to perform while Chilcott was locked away in an isolation study.

Jan noted that his experiments seemed largely pointless as they were repeats of other experiments already conducted in space. His mental state gradually deteriorated as he experienced strange phenomena aboard the station and his personal statement culminated with a spacewalk where he found himself floating away from the station. He was confronted with a vast shadowy shape that blotted out the stars and he reflects that such a being could easily kill him without even noticing.

Manuela Dominguez eventually brings Jan and Carter back to Earth once her own work is finished (MAG 135) and he gives a statement to the Magnus Institute on February 10 2008.

In September 2007 (MAG 99), Gertrude Robinson comments that she has a plan to stop The Buried's ritual and it involves Jan in some way.

On June 17, 2008 (MAG 97), the Sunken Sky begins in Bucoda, Washington. Next to the Pit, Jackson Ellis sees an older woman and in the car next to her, a man with strikingly blue eyes who had been crying. In MAG 129, the knowledge of how Gertrude stopped the ritual is pushed into John's mind: she needed to throw a body touched by The Vast into the pit and killed and dismembered Jan to do so.

Episode Appearances[]

Bold marks episodes where Jan has given a statement.