Jonah Magnus was the founder and financier of The Magnus Institute.

History Edit

Little is known about Magnus and his life, except through accounts given by his close friends through correspondence to him. It seems as early as 1815, he was collecting accounts of the paranormal and compiling them for academic and research purposes.

In 1818 he founded the Institute, ostensibly for the compilation, archiving and research of paranormal phenomenon.

In 1824 he was asked to intervene by friend Barnabas Bennett in a paranormal occurrence caused by Mordechai Lukas, with whom Magnus was on good terms and whom he had warned Bennet not to cross. Rather than helping his friend, Magnus chose to do nothing and observe his situation to learn more about it, a quality Elias commends. When Bennett died, he collected his bones "sadly enough", and they are still somewhere in the Head of the Institute's office.

Statement Letters Edit

The following episodes are statements given as letters to Jonah Magnus:

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