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Jordan Kennedy is an avatar of The Corruption and a former pest exterminator.


Jordan worked in pest control for about 10 years before being hired by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the ECDC, and in that time he did several weird jobs.

The first took place around 2011 when he was called to deal with an ant problem in Bromley. He finds the interior of the house utterly covered in ants and while planning his next move, John Amherst, the homeowner, arrives. Amherst becomes enraged upon seeing the exterminator and attacks him. Jordan gets away by burning Amherst with his lighter and as he flees the scene, he notes a distinct and highly unpleasant smell.

Around 2014 he is called to deal with the wasp's nest in Jane Prentiss' attic. The nest reacts in a frightening manner when he attempts to destroy it and he flees the attic. The landlord, Arthur Nolan, then sets fire to himself and the building in order to destroy the nest. When the fire reaches the nest, he notices the same smell from the previous job.

The ECDC arrives at the scene and places him in quarantine after this incident. They tell him about Jane Prentiss and ultimately hire him.

In July 2016, he burns Jane Prentiss' body after the attack on The Magnus Institute and once again notices the same smell. On November 3, he gives a statement to Jonathan Sims about these encounters and the reoccurring smell.

At some point after burning Prentiss, Martin Blackwood convinces Jordan to give him a jar of her ashes.


After the apocalypse, Jordan is trapped in a domain of The Corruption where he is being endlessly tormented by uncountable ants. Martin Blackwood and Jonathan Sims find him when they pass through the domain. Because of their personal connection, John feels for Jordan and rather than leaving him in torment, he turns Jordan into an avatar.

Episode Appearances[]

Bold marks episodes where Jordan has given a statement.