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Jude Perry is an avatar of The Desolation and a member of The Cult of the Lightless Flame.


Jude is described as a squat, muscular Asian woman with close-cropped hair. She frequently wears light clothing such as tank tops even in cold weather and has a large back tattoo of a screaming man who appears to be wreathed in the fires of hell.

After her transformation into an avatar, her body is made of a wax-like substance that allows her to mould her appearance however she wants, which means that she looks much younger than she is.


Before dedicating herself to the Desolation, she was a stockbroker, who didn't care whether her investments became anything or not. She claimed that the closest thing she had to a god was cocaine and she was "an acolyte to alcohol." She lived with her then-girlfriend and states that she became listless after the thrill of money no longer excited her.[1]

In 1989, she met Agnes Montague and became enamoured with her. She joined The Cult of the Lightless Flame and murdered several coworkers, destroying their lives before eventually dousing herself with petrol and lighting herself on fire in 1991 to complete her transformation into an avatar. [1]

In 2017 she met John and gave him her statement. She then burned his hand after giving him the location of Mike Crew, marking him by The Desolation, because she found him annoying.[1]

In the post-change world, she and Arthur Nolan were the ruling avatars of the Tenement Block Domain. She was then found and killed by John as revenge, using his Eye powers to smite her.[2]

Known Powers[]

Like others of the Lightless Flame, her physical body is made of a wax-like material that can be easily moulded into different shapes and features. She can cause extreme pain and burns with her touch.

Episode Appearances[]

Bold marks episodes where Jude has given a statement.



  • Her last words were: "You're no better than me."[3]