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This is a list of paranormal books that have been mentioned or encountered. It is not yet known how many of these books exist in the world, although Jurgen Leitner mentioned having 978 in his library at its height.[1]


Books with paranormal properties are often referred to as "Leitners" whether or not they were actually in his library. It is unclear if they were referred to as something else before him, or if they were thought of as "each one a thing unto itself".[2] Robert Smirke called them "secret" books.[3]

In general, the books are more powerful than any other supernatural artefacts, though individual books may range from "innocuous" to "unsettling" to "murderous". Leitner refers to them as "the essences of The Entities in a purer form"; they generally only correspond to a single entity (with some exceptions such as the Key of Solomon).[1]

They frequently have unusual interactions with architecture that was either designed by Robert Smirke or based on his principles of balance. It seems to stabilize their effects to a degree and allows for safer storage.[1]

Some of the books can be destroyed by means such as burning[4] while others resist attempts at destruction.[5] Leitner hypothesized that some (likely those affiliated with The Desolation) even liked the flames, and upon burning would be "released to take a different form". Jonathan Sims similarly theorized that attempting to rip a book of The Slaughter in half may have intensified its effects.[6]

John also mentions that "all" of the books from the library are custom editions of known texts on dæmonology or the arcane in,[4] though this idea has not held in canon, with books that would have been known to him and the Institute at that time such as DIG.


Note: Official titles are used when available, unofficial or placeholder titles are denoted by an asterisk.

A Disappearance

Main article: A Disappearance

A pamphlet that causes the reader to disappear without a trace if read in its entirety.[1][7] The entity it is aligned with is never revealed, but given that members of the Lukas Family possess a very similar ability, The Lonely seems a likely possibility. If only a small part is read, it will hide the reader from others for a short period of time, as Jurgen Leitner discovered.

A Guest for Mr. Spider

Main article: A Guest For Mr. Spider

A picture book tied to The Web that entrances its reader and leads them to be taken by Mr. Spider.[8][9]

A Journal of the Plague Year

Main article: A Journal of the Plague Year

A version of Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year which spreads infection. The entity it is aligned with is never explicitly revealed, but given its themes of disease, it is almost certainly connected to The Corruption.[10]

An Introduction to Higher Anatomy

Part of the "Yousuf case", which caused Daisy Tonner and Basira Hussain to be familiar with Leitner by name.[11]

The Boneturner's Tale

Main article: The Boneturner's Tale

A version of The Canterbury Tales that is aligned with The Flesh and grants its reader the power to manipulate, reshape, or remove bones from living creatures. Last seen in the possession of Jared Hopworth in 1996.[12][10]

Book of astronomy*

A “strange book of astronomy” used by Sarah Carpenter to chart the stars on Emma Harvey’s suggestion. Sarah never quite “lost herself to the cosmos", but afterwards her eyes sometimes showed “a reflection of uncanny constellations”.[13]

Book of the Dead*

Main article: Book of the Dead

An old black book that fills, in blank pages, the date of and details for the death of the reader. It is always gruesome and the date move closer if the reader keeps checking their page. The entity it is aligned with is never explicitly revealed, but given its theme of death, it is most likely connected to The End.[5]

Book that eats you*

A book that ate Leitner Library assistant Warren, leaving behind a leg, and incited then-fellow-assistant Mikaele Salesa to start looking to leave.[14]

Catalogue of the Trapped Dead*

Main article: Catalogue of the Trapped Dead

Also known as the Skin Book, aligned with The End and can be used to bind a dead person's spirit, allowing them to be conversed with by the living. Owned for a long time by Mary Keay, who at one point bound herself to it in an attempt to transcend death.[2]

Dictionnaire Infernal

A paranormal version of the book by Jacques de Plancy. Sought after by Michael Crew in 1998 ("the older the better") and a copy purchased from Lion Street Books.[15]


Aligned with The Buried and inspires the reader to dig. Last known owner was Enrique MacMillan in November 2003 and is currently held in Artefact Storage in a welded-shut box.[16]

Ex Altiora

Main article: Ex Altiora

Aligned with The Vast and inspires feelings of vertigo. Used by Michael Crew in 1998 to bind the Lichtenberg-figure creature stalking him and is destroyed by Gerard Keay in 2012.[4][15][10]

Key of Solomon

Main article: Key of Solomon

A paranormal version of the fourteenth century book. It had been previously owned by MacGregor Mathers. Purchased on eBay by Gertrude Robinson in 2007 and destroyed by her and Jurgen Leitner in 2015. Leitner states that it was one of the very few books that was connected to multiple entities, though he does not specify which ones. [4][17][5][1]

蜘蛛が食べている (kumo ga tabete iru)*

A book connected to The Web that supposedly inspired the 1960s film 蜘蛛が食べている (kumo ga tabete iru), translated as "Spiders Are Eating”. In turn, this movie inspired Dexter Banks’ final film, Widow’s Weave. It is unconfirmed if the title and language of the book match the original movie and the book was eventually destroyed by Alexia Crawley.[18]

Memory Book

Sasha James at one point had to experiment with writing in the Memory Book during her time as a practical researcher. Stored in the Magnus Institute artefact storage.[19]

Old crumbling book with no library markings *

Found by Allan Schrieber, a friend of Elias Bouchard. All the pages appear blank but Elias sees them with faces on them in his dreams. Allan tells Elias that something without eyes "saw him" though the pages and seemed to have hunted him down, killed him, and stolen his eyes after reading it. The entity it is aligned with is never revealed, but there are two likely possibilities. It could be The Eye, given that Allan was certain that something specifically "saw him," or it could be The Dark, given that Allan's eyes were stolen.[20]

Sanskrit poetry book about dead animals*

Small animal bones fall from the book when passed through shadow. "Quite unremarkable" according to Mary Keay and sold by her to Jurgen Leitner. Eventually returned to her after the library attack when stolen from under Reform Club by Gerard Keay in 2002. Last seen in November 2012, in the possession of Mary Keay at Pinhole books.[4][21][2]

Security Camera Instruction Manual*

An instruction manual for a security camera aligned with The Eye that has images of its readers within it. After reading it extensively, the reader becomes part of the security system, every camera feeling like an eye of the reader looking back at them. If read too extensively, the manual leads to a disastrous end for its readers.[22]

The Seven Lamps of Architecture

Main article: The Seven Lamps of Architecture

A book by John Ruskin which gives a sense of walls pressing in around the reader, and may physically entomb them. It interacts differently with Robert Smirke's architecture. Reading it while in a building designed by Smirke allows the reader to control its architecture. The entity it is aligned with is never explicitly revealed, but the description of its effect is very similar to descriptions of claustrophobia, making The Buried a likely possibility.[1][7]

Slaughter book*

An old and worn paperback aligned with The Slaughter that caused every resident of Lanncraig, Ross-Shire to brutally murder each other. Was found ripped in half with its pages blank and it is speculated that the tearing may have intensified the release of its power.[23]

Small book bound in red*

A small, red book that is connected in some way to The Cult of the Lightless Flame. Its exact effect unknown, and was last seen in the possession of Diego Molina in December 2011. The entity it is aligned with was never revealed, but given its connection with The Cult of the Lightless Flame, The Desolation seems the most likely possibility.[24][25]

Small grey book*

A small grey book, possibly in Cyrillic script, that is described as "trying to read [its reader] back." It was buried in a stretch of moorland by Michael Crew.[15]

The Stalwart Hunters' Almanac

Main article: The Stalwart Hunters' Almanac

A leather-bound book that appears to cause mutilation of reader corresponding to the passages read. The entity it is aligned with is never revealed, but given the effect of mutilation, it is likely connected to either The Hunt or The Slaughter, if not both.

The Tale of a Field Hospital

Main article: The Tale of a Field Hospital

A supernatural version of the book by Sir Frederick Treves. Paper cuts from its pages appear to cause death via rapid infection. The entity it is aligned with is never revealed, but given its themes of disease and infection, The Corruption would seem a likely possibility.

The Travels

A book responsible for the death of someone named Mr. Hampton that was presumably burned by Gerard Keay. Though never confirmed, it may be a paranormal version of A Masterpiece to Those Who Contemplate the Wonders of Cities and the Marvels of Traveling by Ibn Battuta, which is often referred to simply as "The Travels."[26]