The Lukas family are recurring people in the Cases of The Magnus Archives. They are a major source of funding for the Magnus Institute. They appear to be very wealthy, as they own or fund various companies or ventures, including the Tundra cargo ship[1] and the space station Daedalus.[2][3]

The are a family dedicated to serving The Lonely and have a family house, Moorland House, in Kent where they have their own graveyard. A piece of one of the gravestones was picked up by Naomi Herne, which had the word "Forgotten" on it, and the team were unable to trace its origin.[4]

Known Members Edit

Aaron Lukas Edit

Brother of Peter Lukas. Lacked the temperament to serve The Lonely and was sent away to live with distant relatives.

Conrad Lukas Edit

Conrad Lukas was one of the scientists who carried out experiments on the effects of isolation on the privately owned Daedalus Space Station.[2]

Evan Lukas Edit

Evan Lukas was the sociable fiancé to Naomi Herne, who worked as a lab technician. He was estranged from his family. They fell in love shortly after meeting, and Naomi felt a strange pang of loss whenever he was away. He died on 22nd March 2015 from a congenital heart problem.[4]

Judith Lukas Edit

Sister of Peter Lukas. Lacked the temperament to serve The Lonely and was sent away to live with distant relatives.

Mordechai Lukas Edit

Mordechai Lukas was an associate of Robert Smirke and one of the individuals entrusted with Smirke's knowledge of The Entities. He was presumably the first Lukas to fall to the lonely.[5]

On April 9th, 1824 Mordechai Lukas trapped Barnabas Bennett in an alternate reality of which he was the sole inhabitant as retribution for Barnabas's refusal to repay a debt. Objects within this reality could be affected by those in the primary reality and vice-versa, as Barnabas noted certain items being moved or broken without his involvement, but those inhabiting the parallel realities could not perceive or interact with one another. Bennett was able to use this to his advantage and left a letter begging for help addressed to Jonah Magnus - which, unfortunately for Bennett, went ignored. Mordechai Lukas was allegedly "on good terms" with Jonah Magnus.[6]

Nathaniel LukasEdit

Nathaniel Lukas is the founder and majority owner of Solus Shipping PLC, the owners of the Tundra.[1] He was also one of the major investors in the Stratosphere Group, which carried out experiments on the effects of isolation on their privately owned Daedalus Space Station.[2]

Peter Lukas Edit

Peter Lukas is the captain of the ship The Tundra.[1] When Elias Bouchard is removed as head of the Institute, he steps in to take over day-to-day management of the Archives.[7]

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