It'll get you too. You can stare all you want. Make your notes and your enquiries. But all your beholding will come to nothing. When the time arrives, and all is darkness and butchery, you'll wish you had stopped listening and run.

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Jonathan Sims recorded this fragmentary statement to test if certain cases which had caused auditory distortion on digital recording could be successfully recorded with cassette tapes. He directly addresses Elias Bouchard, who may listen to the tapes. Jonathan considers the statement too fragmentary to be useful.

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This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot.

The statement refers to three entities: The Eye (Beholding), The Dark, and a third which is probably The Flesh, although its description also suggests The Slaughter and The Hunt.

In MAG 80, Jurgen Leitner mentions one of his assistants, Jacob Feng, who fell victim to a pamphlet called A Disappearance. The pamphlet may be related to The Lonely; notably, the pamphlet's powers of hiding seem directly opposed to the powers of The Eye. It is not yet clear if Jacob Feng is the same Jacob who made this statement.
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