A team of Martin, Tim, Basira, and Melanie attempt to take statements with varying degrees of success: as the Archivist is not present, neither is the Beholding power that allows statement-givers to describe their experiences smoothly in the form of a story.


Lynne Hammond Edit

Lynne Hammond, interviewed by Martin, recalls a ghost she saw about a year ago in her flat in Clapton. She had been awoken several previous nights by a burning smell, but returned to sleep after realising there was no fire. The ghost took the appearance of a young woman on fire, and did not last long enough for Lynne to call the police. The apparition reached out to her, and was able to burn her, then disappeared. The appearances stopped once she moved from the flat. Lynne misunderstood the Institute's purpose, and expected payment for her statement, which Martin explained to her the Institute didn't give but then awkwardly gave her some small change out of his own pocket.

"John Smith" Edit

Tim takes a statement from a proclaimed "John Smith," who lost his friend "Jeremy" below Aldwych Tube Station. They had broken in to go exploring into the abandoned station, when their torches abruptly went out and Jeremy disappeared, possibly taken by people in the tunnels. Mr. Smith is convinced his friend is in a secret government holding facility located there. He became increasingly agitated, and left after expressed scepticism from Tim.

Robin Lennox Edit

Robin Lennox gives his statement to Basira, with excruciating detail. He was walking his Jack Russel terrier, Jackie, in South Downs at around noon when he found a stone circle he had never seen before, though the rock looked old as if it had been there a long time. Approaching the circle created a decrease in air temperature and nervous behaviour from his dog. He meandered through the spiral hedge maze within until he encountered the sound of an old man crying. Upon hearing this, he checked his watch to realise he was going to be late for dinner with his mum, as he had been in the maze for 6 hours. He then exited the maze and went home, much to the bafflement of Basira.

Brian Finlinson Edit

Melanie vocally accepts that without Jonathan Sims, statement gathering is very difficult. She listens to Brian Finlinson describe his spider problem. Gradually over a few months, hundreds of different types of spiders begin to move into his flat. The spiders do not touch him or let him kill them; Brian also reports that they had webbed his furniture, including once trapping him in the bedroom. When he calls an exterminator, they disappear, only to reappear once the exterminator had left.

Post-Statement Edit

After recounting his story, Brian begins to panic. Melanie gets him tea, and asks him to breathe while she goes to find help. During her absence, Peter Lukas appears. He asks if Brian works there, as Peter has a meeting with Elias Bouchard. When Brian responds in the negative, Peter asks him to "get used to his new situation", leaving Brian alone, presumably sending him to The Lonely.

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