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Statement of Dylan Anderson, regarding an unusual pig he acquired on his farm in New Zealand.


Anderson operated a vineyard in the Marlborough Forest, and kept a few pigs on the side. One day during the height of the Merlot harvest, a massive "monster pig" appeared in the sty, though no one at the farm recalled where it came from. The monster pig weighed a good three or four hundred kilograms, and Anderson sensed malice from it almost immediately.

The monster pig ate far more than any of the other pigs, and eventually killed and ate the others, starting with one called Toby that Anderson was very fond of.

A few months after the appearance of the monster pig, Anderson's brother Kurt came to visit from London. The first night of Kurt's visit, Anderson found him outside the pigsty, apparently sleepwalking. Kurt kept chanting, "Long pig, short pig, wide pig, narrow pig" and appeared to be trying to enter the sty. Anderson woke him, and Kurt returned home after just a few days.

Anderson had an arrangement with the Carley Brothers Circus from Australia: he let them use one of his fields as a staging area while they were bringing over their equipment and personnel for a tour of New Zealand. During this time, one of Carley Brothers' clowns, a man named Angus Dale, vanished. Anderson immediately assumed that the monster pig had eaten him.

He began having a recurring nightmare in which Dale, in his clown costume, chewed on his own flesh while occasionally chanting "Long pig, short pig, wide pig, narrow pig." The morning after the first nightmare, he found a human femur in the pigsty. Terrified, he laid down on the ground, assuming the monster pig would eat him, too. However, the pig just lay down next to Anderson, as if to indicate it considered him a friend.

Shortly after this, Gertrude Robinson arrived, looking into Angus Dale's disappearance. When Anderson explained the situation to her, she suggested surrounding the pigsty in scrap metal and burying the monster pig in a block of concrete, which Anderson did. He considers engraving some kind of memorial on the concrete to the pigs (and clown) that the monster ate.


Jonathan Sims assumes Gertrude was looking for evidence of the Unknowing; certainly a mysterious disappearance linked to a circus would have drawn her attention. Angus Dale was never found, and the case has had no new leads since a possible sighting in 2016.

John approaches Kurt Anderson to ask about his brother. Kurt reveals that Dylan had sent him a large parcel of documents and other items Gertrude had left at his farm, which he never got around to returning to her. He is unwilling to hand over the parcel to John until he compels him to give up his darkest secret: he sometimes takes bribes in his work as a traffic warden. Armed with this blackmail material, John asks again for the parcel.

Later, John meets with Daisy in the tunnels under the Magnus Institute, where he suspects Elias will not easily be able to spy on them. He asks her to keep an eye on the others while he is abroad, and they begin to discuss what it would take to persuade the police to move on Elias. Daisy suggests they should not be talking about it with a running tape recorder, and the tape ends.


This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

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  • Martin burns the physical copy of this statement in MAG 118.
  • Anderson encases the pig in cement on the recommendation of Gertrude Robinson. This method was also discussed in MAG 157 when Adelard Dekker used it to contain John Amherst.
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