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Statement of Timothy Stoker, on the disappearance of his brother Danny.


Martin asks Tim about a book he took from the library related to circuses. Tim becomes suddenly enraged to learn that there have been more circus-related statements and no one has told him. He demands Martin turn off the tape recorder.

When the tape starts again, Martin urges Tim to record a statement, because John might be able to help him. Tim protests that he can tell John face to face, but Martin points out that the two of them always end up fighting these days when they talk.


Tim's younger brother Danny was always more handsome, more charismatic and more successful, instead of jealous, Tim was always very proud of him and loved him a lot. In 2013, Danny became obsessed with urban exploration. He was particularly fascinated by "ghost buildings," the remnants of old buildings that had been incorporated into new ones.

In August of that year Danny decided to break into the Royal Opera House in search of the remains of the Covent Garden Theatre designed by Robert Smirke. Tim objected, afraid that Danny would get into trouble, but Danny went anyway.

Danny had not returned by the time Tim went to bed. In the middle of the night, Tim woke up and found Danny in an armchair, muttering to himself. Tim heard the name "Joey" and "the show must go on." He urged Danny to lie down on the couch and get some sleep. In the morning, Danny had vanished, leaving behind some drawings of a grotesque and terrifying clown that somewhat resembled Joseph Grimaldi.

Tim borrowed Danny's notes on the opera house and snuck in himself, assuming he had returned there. He found his way to a huge replica of the Covent Garden Theatre carved out of white stone and located twenty feet below street level. There was even a carved audience of human-like shapes. He spotted someone he took to be Danny on the stage, and called to him.

A spotlight appeared overhead, revealing the clown from Danny's drawing. It crept slowly up to the figure on stage, and then pulled Danny's skin off the figure standing on stage. Underneath was a beautiful play of colours that resembled an impressionist painting of a dancer.

The next thing Tim knew, he was standing back at street level, holding a flier for the Circus of the Other. He noticed the clown from the auditorium was on the flier, billed as a guest performer. Then the flier crumbled to ash.


Martin asks if Tim ever tried to return to the Covent Garden site, but Tim replies he is not sure if he would be allowed to leave a second time. He joined the Magnus Institute in order to find answers, but admits he became complacent about it until recently. He vehemently declares that he wants to help find the Circus.

Elias appears, having observed Tim's statement from afar. He asks Tim to stay away from the Circus and the Unknowing, so as not to jeopardize John's mission. Tim angrily declares that Elias will have to kill him if he wants to keep him out of it.