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Statement of Adonis Biros, regarding his performance on stage.


Biros has loved acting ever since his parents took him to see the great amphitheatre near Athens. He particularly enjoys monologues; they give him the sense that he is alone in the universe, speaking from the core of himself. He has become a moderately successful actor, but he views most of his work as necessary annoyances to get him to a good monologue.

In 2009 he played Jacques in a production of As You Like It, which allowed him to perform the Seven Ages of Man monologue. Typically he was unable to see much of anything in the crowd due to the bright state lights. However, on 16 August, he noticed a white porcelain mask was visible in the audience. It sat atop a thick, black cloak, but Biros was certain that there was not a person underneath it.

The next night, Biros did not see the mask in the theatre, but as he was taking a walk through central London after the show to relax he saw the mask in a second-story window. Biros became frightened and ran away, but streets he expected to be full of people were deserted, and he kept seeing the mask-and-cloak figure behind him every time he looked back. Eventually, too exhausted to keep running, Biros confronted the masked figure and struck it. The whole shape collapsed, confirming there was nothing holding the mask up but a wooden stick.

On the night of the 19th, Biros reports that the theatre gradually filled with masks, until every seat was taken by one. After the show, the director came to congratulate Biros on his performance, but Biros became convinced that the director was, ultimately, just a mask himself, hollow on the inside.

He is meant to give his next performance four hours after giving this statement, and he knows he will again be performing for a crowd of hollow masks. However, he does not think he can just run, as "all the world's a stage."


Martin remarks that recording the statements is getting easier. He also mentions that Tim has been away from the Archive, "working on something" with frightening intensity, and that Melanie seems "off" and has not been doing much work. He resolves to ask Basira about it as she and Melanie are somewhat close.

Martin is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Peter Lukas, who greets him warmly and suggests they have a chat. Lukas asks how Martin finds Elias as a boss, and Martin answers fairly honestly that the spying, murder and unsettling encounters are not what he looks for in a supervisor. Lukas promises to discuss it with Elias and leaves.

After Lukas leaves, Basira enters the office. She and Martin briefly discuss Peter Lukas, then she talks about the reading she's been doing recently on the People's Church of the Divine Host. She mentions that around the same time as the statement in MAG 25, there was a total solar eclipse in Ny-Ålesund, and the last one had been 300 years ago, like how long Natalie Ennis had described the church waiting for. She then begins to say something about the relationship between Edmond Halley and John Flamsteed, but Martin cuts her off and asks about Melanie. Basira knows something is up with Melanie as well, and that it is connected to her meeting with Elias a few weeks ago. She and Martin start discussing what to do, but Basira reminds Martin to turn off the tape recorder first.


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