Statement of Julia Montauk, regarding her initial encounters with the hunter Trevor Herbert.

Pre-Statement Edit

Jon is scared, having been kidnapped by Julia and Trevor at the end of MAG 107 along with "Officer Mustermann." If Trevor and Julia don't like what Mustermann has to say about why it's following Jon, they're going to kill both of them. Jon nervously proposes Julia give a statement about how she met Trevor while they wait, and Julia agrees.

Statement Edit

Julia met Trevor Herbert in July 2010, when he saved her from The Dark as it tried to claim her during her shift as a night security guard. A company called DKN, affiliated with The People's Church of the Divine Host, was conducting a ritual in the office building where Julia worked in Manchester and was receiving deliveries containing bodies from Outer Bay Shipping. When Julia fell into a deep pool of black water in a conference room, Trevor reached in and pulled her out be the jacket, helping her pull herself out. A moment later, an office worker named Darvish attacked Trevor, and when Julia saw Darvish's tattoo of the hand with the closed eye on it, she grabbed Trevor's fallen pocket knife and stabbed Darvish. Julia and Trevor immediately paired up, stabbed the remaining (collapsed) cultists, and then left together. They have traveled together, hunting monsters, ever since. 

Post-Statement Edit

Jonathan asks how Julia and Trevor get money. Julia responds that when they're out there killing monsters, a little robbery or trespass doesn't matter much.

Officer Mustermann starts talking and demands Jon turn off the tape recorder. He doesn't trust whatever is listening.


This article contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives, and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot.

Recurring Dream Edit

Because this is a statement given directly to Jon, he sees it in his dreams. According to MAG 120, Julia and Trevor share a dream (a first in the series) about creeping around the office building in Manchester, alert with hunger and trying to stalk The Dark before it can stalk them.