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Statement of Julia Montauk, regarding her initial encounters with the hunter Trevor Herbert.


John, Julia, and Trevor are in a secluded cabin alongside Max Mustermann, an agent of The Stranger that was dismembered by Trevor. John, who was kidnapped by the two Hunters, is fearfully waiting for Mustermann to reform his body to a point where he can be questioned on why he was following John. Unless Julia and Trevor can be convinced that John genuinely means to stop The Unknowing, they plan to kill him.

John nervously proposes Julia give a statement about how she met Trevor while they wait, and she agrees.


Julia and Trevor recall that they met in July 2010. 

Julia had trouble living a normal life due to the infamy of her father, Robert Montauk, and relocated frequently. She moved to Manchester in the summer of 2010. To avoid other people and combat her long-standing fear of the dark, she started working the night shift in security and maintenance for an old office building. 

A company called DKN Systems rented space in the building and often did work at night. The only employee who spoke to her was Vardhan Darvish. He repeatedly approached her for help when a lightbulb had blown somewhere in the building. Julia joked that he was responsible for breaking the lights, which made him uncomfortable.  

Trevor interjects that he had been tracking Darvish for weeks after suspecting a vampire was responsible for a number of missing homeless people in the area. Although Darvish smelled strange, he did not smell of vampire. One night, Trevor saw Darvish transporting deliveries from Outer Bay Shipping into the building and could tell that the box contained a body. They brought the box past Julia to their offices on the fourth floor. Shortly after, Trevor snuck into the building, and Julia chased him. 

Julia found the fourth floor with the lights out. The DKN Systems rooms were empty, with the windows boarded up and painted black. She heard a faint dripping sound and found one room where the floor was somehow covered in still, black water that looked impossibly deep. At the center of the room was a table with a man lying atop it; liquid was trickling from his mouth and eyes to the floor. Three DKN workers stood around the table on platforms, unresponsive and posed as if silently screaming. Julia tried to step into the room and fell into cold, black water, losing her torch. 

Trevor, who had been watching Julia, reached in and helped her pull herself out. Darvish then attacked Trevor, almost killing him. Julia realized that the pupils of Darvish's eyes had expanded to swallow the irises completely. When she saw Darvish's tattoo of the hand with the closed eye on it, she recognized it from the pendent her mother left behind when she disappeared. Julia grabbed Trevor's fallen pocket knife and attacked Darvish. When Darvish died, the water immediately dried up and the posed workers collapsed. The man on the table was already dead. 

Julia and Trevor immediately paired up, ensured the workers were dead, and then left together. They have travelled together, hunting monsters, ever since. 


John asks how Julia and Trevor get money, and Julia responds that they aren't concerned by petty crime while hunting. They came to America some years prior to follow rumors of a wolfman, but as they did not travel legally they do not have a way of returning home without attracting unwanted attention.

Officer Mustermann begins to speak, having healed himself well enough to form lungs. He was following John in the hopes of harvesting his skin for The Unknowing. He demands John turn off the tape recorder because he does not trust whatever is listening, and Trevor and Julia agree.


  • "Max Mustermann" (English: Max Exampleperson) is a German placeholder name for unidentified or legally unidentifiable men, equivalent to "John Doe". The use of placeholder names was also seen in MAG 34 by a group of Stranger-aligned anatomy students.
This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

  • Related Entity: The Dark, The Hunt, and The Stranger
    • Outer Bay Shipping is affiliated with The People's Church of the Divine Host, a cult of The Dark.
    • Julia and Trevor are affiliated with The Hunt.
    • The police officer, Max Mustermann is affiliated with The Stranger.
  • Because this is a statement given directly to John, he sees it in his dreams. In MAG 120, Julia and Trevor share a dream about creeping around the office building in Manchester, alert with hunger and trying to kill The Dark before it can kill them.