Trevor "The Tramp" Herbert has lived on the streets of Manchester for most of his life and is a self-proclaimed vampire hunter. His father killed his mother whilst under the influence of alcohol in 1956, although the court ruled it an accident. His father drank himself to death four months later, leaving him and his brother orphans. He and his brother Nigel spent a lot of time in foster homes but because they were always split up they both fled and ended up living on the streets.

Trevor explained in his statement that he sees vampires as more animalistic than human-like. According to him they don't speak as they don't have space in their throat for anything except their tubular tongue, although they can communicate through some sort of telepathy or hypnosis.They can go out in daylight and don't reproduce by feeding, but he isn't sure how they dispose of bodies.

In autumn 1959, the two boys met a creature who claimed to be Sylvia McDonald, in the alley next to the King's Arms Hotel. Taking them back to her house, it seemed mostly unlived in except for some clear trails through the dust as though Sylvia only took specific routes through the house. The two boys were taken to separate rooms. Unsettled by the building, Trevor went to Nigel's room and they decided to leave.

Before they could do, however, Sylvia arrived in the bedroom. As Trevor hid, she attacked Nigel, tearing his throat out with her shark-like teeth and draining his blood with the tubular tongue. When she was finished, she lay satiated on the floor. Trevor attacked her with Nigel's dropped penknife, bursting her blood-swelled stomach. He then took a candle to her dress whereupon she went up like dry kindling. He fled the burning house. Trevor was 16 at the time, his brother 19.

10 years later, in late June 1968, Trevor had discounted the events of his brother's death, blaming it on the trauma of his brother's passing, when he attempted to beg money off a couple. The man, one Robert Arden, communicated non-verbally that he'd not be getting any money, and Trevor realised this man was a vampire. He followed them back to the house and engaged the vampire before he killed his would-be victim. Robert Arden bit into Trevor's neck, but recoiled, which Trevor put down to the heroin still in his system, which he had abused for several years. The young woman came out and set about Robert with a kitchen knife, allowing Trevor time to drive an improvised wooden stake through Robert Arden's chest. The woman ran off and Trevor torched the body.

Trevor explained that he had killed a man named Alard Dupont in 1982 but realised afterwards that he wasn't a vampire. He was, however, a violent criminal.

Martin (who was present at the time) claims at this point Trevor explained that he needed some sleep and went to the break room to lie down but succumbed to his late-stage lung cancer.

Post-Statement Follow-Up Edit

There were some news reports of the 1959 fire which consumed a house on Loom Street. Remains of an 18 year old boy were recovered from the scene but no one else.

Robert Arden's disappearance was also corroborated by police report. Alard Dupont was found partially burnt in his home on 2nd August 1982.

Apparently a small bag of what appeared to be shark teeth were left with the statement, though analysis from King's College, London, didn't match them to any known species. The evidence itself can no longer be found in the archives and Jonathan Sims was reading this from a photocopy of a photocopy as the original is no longer present, and also appears to have been the subject of requisitions from various law enforcement and governmental contracts the Institute has.