Statement Begins Edit

Anya Villette worked as a cleaner in Oxford, and was employed by John Hector Lettings cleaning out student housing units. She was glad to be sent to a new house on Hill Top Road, as tidying up new construction was easier than dealing with the messes left behind by careless student tenants.

As Anya began to work, she noticed a terrifying eight-branched tree in the house's back garden, and imagined its branches were legs reaching towards her. She dismissed the idea, but as she continued to clean she felt that the plastic-wrapped furniture was casting odd shadows, and she heard the sound of movement with no obvious source.

Finally, just as she was preparing to leave, she noticed a cupboard under the stairs. While it wasn't part of her instructions, she felt she should sweep it out just in case. When she opened the cupboard door, she found a set of stairs leading down into the house's basement. Following the stairs, she discovered an enormous, dark crack in the building's foundation. Eight spider-like arms pulled her into the crack, but a short while later she regained consciousness in a chair upstairs.

Since that night, Anya has found the world around her suddenly, inexplicably changed. She believes she went into the house on Hill Top Road on April 23rd, but when she left, it was somehow April 8th again. People are not how she knew them, and familiar landmarks have disappeared or changed. She has also never heard of the Magnus Institute, despite previously living in London and visiting the Tate Modern quite often.

Post-Statement Follow-Up Edit

There is no record of Anya Villette ever existing. John Hector Lettings is real, but they are not the owners of the house on Hill Top Road, and they've never employed anyone by that name. Jon has entertained visiting the house personally, but he has a feeling it would be a bad idea.

Tim enters the Archives through the trap door; Jon has been waiting for him. Jon wants to apologize for the mess he made of the staff, and asks Tim to share his research into the Circus. Tim remarks that Jon may be the only person on the staff he can still trust hasn't been replaced the way Sasha was.

Tim's traced the Circus to the House of Wax in Greater Yarmouth. He also reluctantly tells Jon that he believes the circus has recently robbed two graves and skinned the corpses - Gertrude Robinson, and a man named George Icarus. Jon promises that when the time comes to attack the Circus, he'll bring Tim along.

Later, Jon meets Basira and Daisy in the tunnels. He shows Daisy the plastic explosives, and she confirms that they're real and she knows how to use them. They also start discussing another plan before Daisy reminds Jon to turn off the tape.