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Before the operation regarding The Unknowing, John suggests that everyone involved make a statement, to put down some of their thoughts.


Jonathan Sims' Statement[]

John, Daisy, Basira, and Tim will go to the House of Wax to try and stop The Unknowing. The plan is for Daisy to set the explosives while the rest run interference.

Daisy thinks she should be going solo for this, and although John agrees, he knows Tim won't stay put without doing anything and Elias has insisted on John being involved. John also feels it wouldn't be right for him not to go, and he believes Basira thinks the same, wanting to back up Daisy.

John's also done being paranoid, not being able to trust anybody almost got him killed and he needs people to support him. He decides to trust the others, with the obvious exception of Elias, and he worries about leaving Martin and Melanie behind.

He has found more information on "George Icarus", the other body the circus stole. It was buried earlier that year and the headstone was paid for by The Magnus Institute. John concludes it must be Jurgen Leitner as he would be the only other one whose skin could be useful for the ritual.

Basira Hussain's Statement[]

Basira starts by questioning why she is there. She did not want to be a police officer either, but she feels her options have narrowed down. Basira also observes that everyone is having a worse time than her, even though she was originally supposed to be the hostage. But she has spent most of her time reading and ignoring many things.

She talks about her father, who said that just complaining about problems wouldn't solve anything, so you either had to adapt, or fight and try to change things. She tried to live like that throughout her whole life, and admits that maybe that doesn't work; but she wants to fight, serving as backup for everyone in case things go wrong, knowing Daisy is there makes her feel more secure about it. She also worries about Tim, and the fact that none of them have had to face things like this before, and they need to stay focused on leaving their fear behind. Not because fear feeds the Entities, but because that's how you do the job.

Melanie King's Statement[]

Melanie is unsure of how she feels about the upcoming operation– she remarks that it's hard for her to feel hope anymore. She states that she knows her coworkers want to do her a favour by letting her be the one to deal with Elias, but she thinks the only way to deal with such an entity is to see them die yourself. She wonders when her world narrowed down to just anger, and reflects on her anger at Jonathan, and recalls parts of her life where she had to fight to get what she wanted– namely, Ghost Hunt UK.

Melanie goes on to record a short statement of her trip to India, which John wanted to hear about. She had heard of reports of war ghost manifestations and wanted to check them out, and pinpointed when and where they should appear. She witnessed one, but it was a weird mashup of people and guns, and so she ran, but not before it shot her with a surprisingly corporeal bullet. She had it sewn up at the hospital, claiming she'd been mugged, although no bullet was found on any of the scans they performed.

And then she came home. She refuses to give John any more information, because it hurt to live through, and she didn't live through it for him to sit back in clinical detachment.

Melanie ends the statement by saying she hopes John wins, but that she hopes it hurts.

Martin Blackwood’s Statement[]

Martin feels like things can never go back to normal after all that has happened. Then again, his life has not been normal in a long time. Living in the Archives, losing a friend without even noticing, strange corridors and all-seeing managers. None of it is normal. And he is afraid, not so much for himself as for the others. He needs them to be safe, he needs John to be safe.

Martin’s tired of always running, always hiding, always being the prey for someone else’s trap. He is tired of just sitting back and hoping things will be okay. It feels good to be laying his own trap for once. He knows it is going to hurt and he is ready for it if it means he actually gets do something to help everyone for once.

And getting to burn some stuff is also cool.

Alice "Daisy" Tonner’s Statement[]

A single word, accompanied by the sound of her loading a gun: “Okay.”

Tim Stoker’s Statement[]

Tim used to blame his brother for getting himself killed, he used to blame himself for not saving him. Now, he knows that a bit of bad luck is all it takes for your life to be ruined.

He hates who or whatever is watching them all suffer. All he cares about at this point is hurting the thing that killed his brother. According to the plan, if it looks like they’re about to be found out, he’s supposed to create a distraction and draw the Stranger’s servants away from the others. It’s a suicide mission and Tim doesn’t care.

For the longest time he thought there was some grand secret in Robert Smirke’s theories on balance, but Smirke lived and died like anyone else. It seems the only person who has managed to hurt the Entities was Gertrude Robinson, and she did it by being cold and ruthless and by sacrificing a lot of people.

Tim does not expect to survive this, he is not sure he even wants to. He just hopes John has learned something from Gertrude and has the guts to pull the trigger.


John has not burned Gerry’s page yet. He knows Gerry wants to be free from this existence and John wants to help, he truly does, but it is incredibly difficult. He stutters and stumbles on his words, trying to work up the courage. He seems to be in pain as he sets his lighter to the page. Finally, the page is no more and Gerard Keay has been laid to rest.


This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

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