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Case #0170708


The Unknowing has begun, and the strangers are beginning their dance.

John encounters Sarah Baldwin, then Daniel Rawlings speaking in Sarah's voice, two people who have been taken by The Stranger. John then finds "Tim" speaking in Sarah's voice, and he gives him the detonator without knowing what it is.

Meanwhile, Daisy is being pursued by the couriers Breekon and Hope. They claim to be Basira, and Daisy threatens to kill them. They taunt her, and she laughs as she kills one of them.

Tim sees "Basira", or someone talking in Basira's voice, who tries to comfort him. She says names do not matter here, and she knows she is here. Tim does not believe her and strikes her. Basira does not understand.

John says it is not real and Nikola taunts him, saying "just because you don't understand, doesn't mean it's a lie". She claims to be Tim, then Sasha back from the dead. John tries to threaten her, but she tells him to make a fist. He cannot, not even knowing what a hand is. The doll wearing Gertrude's skin calls him pathetic, and chides him for failing to prevent the Unknowing. She spent years disrupting rituals and saving the world, and John fails at preventing even this one. The doll wearing Jurgen Leitner's skin joins in. He says it is John's fault that he was bludgeoned to death in the basement of the Archives while John left to smoke a cigarette, and mockingly reminds John that smoking kills. Jurgen asks if John even remembers what a cigarette is, or a pipe. John asks what they want, and Nikola asks him to dance. John screams in surprise as he is presumably pulled away.

Daisy is in a brawl with Breekon and Hope. She kills Hope and laughs as the last courier calls her a stupid animal and traps her in the coffin.

Basira is trying to ignore the madness. She knows that she is in a place, and if it is a now, then it has an end. The other things are too much, and too many, and want to hurt her. She decides to leave by picking a where and moving.

Nikola tells John "it's almost there", a terrible new world, and it is all his fault. John sees the sad clown, bitter and hateful, going to a circus to find his fame before being torn apart by a cruel ringmaster. He is sometimes a doll, sometimes a mannequin, but is always hiding with another's skin and another's name. Nikola and Sarah talk and argue, with Sarah urging Nikola to finish the dance.

Tim leaps in and starts to attack John in a fit of confused rage. John uses his Beholding to ask Tim what he sees, which breaks the strangeness and lets Tim get his bearing. Tim sees the clown that took his brother and for a time, wore his face. John uses his Beholding again to ask Tim what is in his hand, which is the detonator. Nikola whisks John away, begins to taunt Tim and say it is too late. Tim replies with, "You sound stressed. You know I hear the Great Grimaldi's in town. You should go see him, cheer yourself up," as a reference to the Pagliacci joke.

Nikola says his joke is not funny and Tim simply responds "I know." before activating the detonator.

There is an explosion and the tape cuts off.


  • Related Entity: The Stranger


  • It is unknown if chaos of the Unknowing is merely the result of the Stranger's power or of the entity physically manifesting, though if the latter is true then this marks the first time we see John inside of an entity.