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Statement of Antonio Blake, regarding his recent dreams about Gertrude Robinson, previous Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute.


Antonio Blake has been having prophetic dreams for the past 8 years. He moved to London (according to Antonio, approximately a decade before he made this statement, which would likely be either 2005 or 2006) to attend graduate school and started working for Barclays after earning his degree. However, after little more than a year with the company, work-related stress, culminated in a nervous breakdown as well as a break-up with his boyfriend of 6 years, Graham, which forced Antonio to leave the home he and Graham had shared to stay with what few friends he had left. Sleeping on his friend Anahita's sofa, Antonio experienced the first of his premonitory dreams.

In the dream, he stood over Canary Wharf overlooking the Barclays Building. Light pulsated below him and he felt a glow pass across his skin like oil. Leaping off the building he felt dream pain but wasn't too badly affected. All around the hellscape he saw black tendrils that grew up buildings and into people. They appeared to go into people's limbs, chest and head, their eyes open in pain and terror.

Inside the Barclays Building, he went into his empty old office, except for John Uzel, his old line manager, who was suspended above the floor by a black tendril wrapped around his neck. When he awoke, Antonio spoke to ex-colleagues, who confirmed that John had hung himself after a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife.

He had these dreams intermittently over the subsequent years. Now working in a 'magic' shop, he spent a lot of time reading every book on esoteric dreaming he could find but found no explanation for his dreams. Once he saw his dad in the dream with the tendrils burrowed in his chest, and, despite significant efforts was unable to prevent the subsequent death 10 days later. His father died on 31st December 2014. It took a month and a half for his father to disappear from the dream.

The incident which drew Antonio to the Magnus Institute, though, happened 2 nights prior to the statement. This time the black veins had thickened and he could see dark red light passing through them. He thought illuminated faces and shadows were appearing in the tendrils, although he couldn't be sure. He followed the light to Vauxhall, crossing over a bridge knotted high with pulsing veins, before entering an old, small, dignified building denoted as The Magnus Institute, though all windows and doors were thickly covered with glowing intrusions. He followed the veins into a room labelled 'Archive', where he saw Gertrude behind a desk. She wore a look of absolute fear and the light was pouring into her from the tendrils.

He lied to the researchers of the Institute to get in and give his statement, hoping Gertrude would read it.


Jonathan Sims is sceptical about this statement, concerned that it might be a kind of hazing joke from the other researchers. He also unsure as to whether to raise this with Elias, as his inquiries into his predecessor's availability for training revealed only that she "died in the line of duty".

Tim looked into the facts of this statement, confirming that 'Antonio' is a fake name, as are all the contact details given by him. However, John is concerned and will ask Rosie to pass over any new statements as soon as they are made.


This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

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  • In MAG 121, 'Antonio Blake' gives another statement to an unconscious John, this time stating his real name as Oliver Banks.