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Statement of Elias Bouchard, regarding the dreams of Jonathan Sims, Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute, currently unresponsive. Details pulled directly from subject.


Elias describes what is occurring in Jonathan's dreams, while he lies in his hospital bed, dead but for his dreams. Most of the authors who have given statements to Jonathan directly are forced to relive the event they described, and Jonathan can do nothing but watch.

First, Dr. Lionel Elliott tries to negotiate with John for release, but John can only watch. Dr. Elliott attempts to throw the toothed apple at John, but has forgotten how to use his arms and instead breaks his arm. He tries to scream, but has made his throat incorrectly.

Tessa Winters is typing on a computer and tries to force back the words on the screen. However, typing--and even trying to comprehend the words on the screen--hurts. John can only watch.

John passes those things he cannot watch: Melanie King's excursion into Cambridge Military Hospital; Basira Hussain during the police raid on an Outer Bay Shipping Warehouse; and Melanie's investigation of the CF Booth Scrap Metal and Recycling Yard in Rotherham. He can see a massive eye above him, watching.

He watches what would normally be Breekon and Hope allowing Isaac Masters to enter the coffin, but does not see Daisy. He expects to see the violence in her. But,the place is empty, save for the singing of the coffin, the words on which have been replaced with "I am for you". Though the words are not for him, he opens and enters the coffin. Even though he is now below ground in the tunnels, he is watched by the eye.

Below ground, the Archivist enters a subway, meeting Karolina Górka. She is stationary and relaxed, even though she is trapped in the warped remains of the train. Even though the train begins to move, the Archivist is not afraid of the train. Rather, he fears the unblinking all-seeing thing above. He continues to watch as Karolina Górka's crushed. An advert says "Dig".

There is a yellow door in front of him. He chooses not to open it, as he knows it no longer has what it once held, and he is afraid of what it may now contain.

The Archivist turns around, and sees Jordan Kennedy, begging him for help as ants eat him alive. An incinerator door rises in front of him. Jordan and the Archivist watch Jane Prentiss turned to ash in the incinerator. Jordan is not sure whether he fears Jane or John more. John wills the dream to stop, but he cannot. He longs for the fiery dreams of Jude Perry, but she could block him out once she knew John was watching.

The Archivist watches Julia Montauk and Trevor Herbert stalk Outer Bay Shipping with a look that reminds him of Daisy. They are stalking The Peoples' Church of the Divine Host. John is noticed watching, but the Hunters cannot catch his scent.

Naomi Herne--from the bottom of a grave in a foggy cemetery--begs to be released, but John can only watch. He attempts to ignore the eye in the sky.

John watches Georgie in a dissection room. She is calm, and gives him a look of pity and John wishes he could look away. Slowly, she fades away.

He looks up and sees The Beholding, and starts the dream over again. 


Martin enters with a police inspector, and Elias gives his condolences for what happened to Tim and Daisy. The inspector places Elias under arrest for the murder of Leitner, which Elias was so kind as to do on tape. Elias hands over a USB drive of blackmail on the Metropolitan Police in exchange for leniency and is led out of The Archives in handcuffs.  

Peter Lukas appears and informs Martin that he will be taking over the administration of the Institute. 


This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

  • The police officer reappears in MAG 185.