Case #0181502

Statement of Oliver Banks, given to an unconscious Jonathan Sims. Statement recorded by subject directly.

Oliver continues the story of his prophetic dreams of death started in MAG 11, recounting how he began to see the pulsing vines the foretold a person's death during his waking hours, and the terrible chill he felt when he touched or brushed against one. He starts to isolate himself to avoid having to see people's fates, but he could not escape it entirely.

During this time, Oliver discovers Point Nemo, a point on the ocean that is the furthest possible place on earth from all human civilization. He fantasizes about going there, though the vines prevent him from visiting it in his dreams. When he learns of a scientific voyage going to Point Nemo, he finds a member of the team who is fated to die in a motorcycle accident, a chemist named Dr. Thomas Pritchard, and steals his identity, disposing of the corpse.

Oliver keeps to himself during the voyage, but finally is able to enjoy empty waves and dreamless sleep for months. However, when they actually reach their destination, the vines return, huge and towering out of the sea, engulfing all of the crew. Oliver is struck by a moment of terrible clarity and understanding, and hijacks the boat, shooting the captain and forcing the crew to drive the boat to where the vines originate from. There, the boat is struck by falling satellite debris, killing everyone aboard, him included. This completes his transformation into an avatar of The End.

Oliver concludes by telling Jon's comatose body that Jon has yet to make a choice, whether to embrace The Eye and wake up, or die as his condition should dictate, and he cannot move forward until that choice is made. At this point he is confronted by Georgie Barker, who is instantly suspicious and hostile towards him, instinctively recognizing him as something "evil," possibly due to her close encounter with a being of the End in MAG 94: Dead Woman Walking. As he leaves, she seems to realize something and goes to chase him down.

In the now-empty hospital room, static fill the recorder as Jonathan Sims begins to breathe again.


Oliver Banks is the real name of 'Antonio Blake', who gave a previous statement to Gertrude Robinson in "Dreamer."

Oliver implies that he came to visit Jonathan at the behest of The Web, and mentions that he's going along with what "she" wants, though he is unclear who this refers to.

Oliver mentions that Point Nemo is commonly used as a recovery spot for satellites, foreshadowing the event that will kill him.

Oliver mentioning that he saw the vines when awake explains his actions in MAG 42: Grifter's Bone, where he mistakes the vines leading into the giver of that statement's ears for earphones.

Consulting the case numbers reveals that Jon has been in his coma for just over six months since the end of Season 3.