Georgie goes to The Magnus Institute looking for Melanie to tell her about Oliver Banks. However, she can only find Basira, who returns to the hospital with her. Jon wakes up while the two are talking, and Georgie leaves, upset by Jon being supernaturally okay.

Basira catches Jon up on what's happened since the Unknowing. Jon is saddened to learn of Tim's death and Daisy's disappearance, and he is alarmed to hear Martin and Melanie are both unavailable. He is also surprised to hear that the spare clothes he keeps in the Archives had to be thrown away after some kind of incident.

Jon knows that Basira has put a statement in her bag and asks to have it. She leaves him to record it.

Statement Edit

Lorell St. John has never felt like other people are "real." When a roommate tries to explain the concept of philosophical zombies to her, Lorell notices that one of her other roommates has a blank stare. She begins quietly messing with his life to see how he reacts, but she's unconvinced by his efforts to play normal.

She eventually notices she's being followed by what appears to be an entity of The Stranger, which results in a physical altercation.