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Statement of Angie Santos, regarding a website developed by one Gregory Cox.


John is grumbling about his office being rearranged while he was in a coma because he cannot find a pen. Melanie comes in and attacks John. She yells at him for getting Tim and Daisy killed and for being a monster now, blaming him for everything as she becomes increasingly hostile. John attempts to calm her, insisting she is not acting like herself, to which Melanie responds that John does not know who she is, just as she does not know who he is. Removing Elias has not removed the Archives' hold on the employees. She threatens John again, telling him to stay the hell away from her. John agrees and apologises just before the tape cuts.

John talks to Basira, who tells him that is seems since they stopped the Unknowing, other entities have been taking notice and attacking the Beholding, which she believes is the only entity that has not attempted a ritual. As a result, the employees do not leave The Institute much anymore. When The Flesh attacked the Institute two months ago, Melanie found a knife and singlehandedly protected everyone. John is alarmed, but Basira defends Melanie, saying she will not forget that Melanie saved her life.

John has yet to meet Peter Lukas, who has been restructuring the departments in The Institute. Basira says no one but Martin, who is increasingly isolated, has seen him. However, when two researchers ignored Peter's emailed instructions, they went missing.


Angie's friend Gregory Cox is extremely passive, which she believes is why he never quit the freelance development job he is doing even when it became extremely sinister. He said that he was approached by someone using a personal rather than a business email, and the message was in an enormous font.

When he met her in a coffee shop in Guildford to discuss the job she was a very thin young woman who was trying to cover up "a network of pale stitches that stretched over one side of her head." She wanted him to make a forum where people could post threads and insisted that he code it from scratch. The site was named Chelicerae and was to have an area to post threads, labelled "Come In." The URL was a random string of numbers and letters that she wanted him to change every few weeks, and she insisted that he paste meaningless strings of words, fragments of poetry, and people's names into the code.

As the administrator Gregory could see that no-one had ever visited the site, but he began to get emails about it. Many of them were pleas for help, or to "make it stop." When Angie searched for the site she realized it was an urban legend, where supposedly anyone could start a thread with the title as the name of someone they wanted dead. They would need to post a horrible event that happened to them or a loved one, and only if the story satisfied "the story spinner" would the person die.

On the way home from the pub one night, Angie and Gregory met a person in the shadows asking for help. Gregory was going to give them change, but when they grabbed his wrist it became clear that they were transforming into a spider and had spiders pouring out of their mouth and eyes. They tried to say, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Tell her I'm sorry." Angie and Gregory ran away but Gregory refused to tell the police or quit the job. Angie has considered posting Gregory's name to the site to end it, but is too afraid to do so, and instead decided to tell it to the Institute.

Post-Statement Follow-Up[]

John has not done very much research but he did search for Gregory Cox himself and found that he vanished in late July, 2016. This statement came in just after Gertrude disappeared but nobody else did any follow-up research. There's a supplemental document, a list of names of people Gregory pasted into the code, several of whom came to the Institute to make statements, including Carlos Vittery.


  • The name of the site, Chelicerae, is a term for the mouthparts of spiders and several other kinds of arachnids.


This section contains information from later episodes of The Magnus Archives and may contain major spoilers for the setting and plot. Continue at your own risk.

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    • The woman Greg meets matches the description of Annabelle Cane, who has stitches on the side of her head after the events of MAG 69.